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Arts and Entertainment Tuesday, Sep. 30, 2014 5 years ago

Factory Girl: Broke and fabulous

by: Zara Barrie

Call me a naive little minx, but it has only recently come to my attention that our community connects fabulousness with wealth. Rumors such as this are dangerous and soul-crushing, tempting me to withdraw from this cruel, cold world and instead live my life within a protective Factory Girl bubble. Being fabulous has nothing to do with having a full bank account; in fact, some of the most fresh personalities I know happen to be the most broke. As the late Oscar Wilde once wisely said: “Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination.” (I highly recommend smugly repeating this quote when justifying a reckless purchase)

zara budget

Okay, so maybe you’re finding yourself in a bit of financial crisis (like me), and you’ve been brainwashed into thinking you must retire your fierce lifestyle in order to make ends meet. I get it — I used to feel the same way! However, this is absolutely NOT the truth. Being fabulous is a quality that comes from deep within, and suppressing this essential part of oneself is just plain unhealthy.

I, Factory Girl, have more than a decade (a lady never reveals her age) under my belt of experience in living a pretty fierce lifestyle with a perpetually bleak bank account. I’m here today to help show you how it’s entirely possible to live large and in charge, regardless of your economic situation. My intentions are pure and for the greater good of society, for I’ve grown weary of seeing so many electric people blow their fuse when stuffing down their inner fabulous child.

Remember, money can buy you a lot of things; trips, planes, a plethora of Chanel purses, a house and sometimes a few pretty “friends.” But money can never buy you fabulousness (or class for that matter). Living the fabulous, chic life takes creativity above anything. Which is why I wrangled my favorite broke b*tich in crime, Eduardo Anaya, and made this little video. I’m ready to see all my budgeted brothers and sisters out there living their lives, fully and fiercely!

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