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Join the Neighborhood

Introducing Newsies — the Observer's membership program.

Our 100% local content helps you stay engaged and connected with your community. And now we've created this program to allow readers to form a stronger connection with our newsroom and each other. 

Your membership supports independent local journalism here, at home, in your neighborhood.*

Membership benefits include:

  • Unlimited access to our email newsletters and website.
  • Invitations to member-only events (see the growing list of events below) to learn more about local issues and the community.
  • Opportunities to connect with our journalists and give feedback
  • Get our e-Newspaper app on your laptop, smartphone or tablet all in our new, easy-to-use app. Scroll through the pages of the paper on anydevice, and take us with you, where you go. ($50 value)

2023 Upcoming Events

  • Jan.: Opportunity to receive Arts & Entertainment tickets to area events
  • Mar.: Observer Cup, opportunity to win tickets to exclusive polo Event
  • Mar: Wine & Wisdom – New York Times journalist Geraldine Fabrikant
  • Apr.: Wine & Wisdom – Behind-the-Scenes tour of The Bay Sarasota
  • Aug: Donuts and Downloads, how to use the new Observer e-Newspaper app
  • Oct.: Wine & Wisdom – Behind-the-Scenes tour of the Sarasota Opera House
  • and more....

Questions? Call 941-366-3468 or [email protected]

*Don't worry — we're still free and always will be.