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Gauthier Salon and Wellness Spa plans summer mingling events

Sonia Gauthier owns Gauthier Salon & Wellness Spa with her husband. The couple moved to Florida from Montreal.
Sonia Gauthier owns Gauthier Salon & Wellness Spa with her husband. The couple moved to Florida from Montreal.
Photo by Lesley Dwyer
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With various clients in and out every day, Gauthier Salon and Wellness Spa employees meet people from around St. Armands Circle and the surrounding area who have fascinating life stories and outstanding talents. 

Co-owner Sonia Gauthier shared that Tania Arce who works downstairs at Settimi’s Gelato is a great example. 

“She has the most beautiful voice,” said Gauthier. “She can sing in Spanish, English and Portuguese. I told her that she had to come to sing on our balcony and share this beautiful gift with everyone. She is one of many people on the Circle and in the area that we want to showcase.”

After a few private events, Sonia Gauthier saw how the salon’s balcony, the only private one on the Circle, was the perfect place to mingle and highlight the different people of the area. Starting in June, Gauthier plans to hold events for people in the community to learn, connect and share their talents. 

These events will be a collaboration with local businesses and organizations. Currently, she is partnering with Alliance Francaise de Sarasota, FemCity of Sarasota, the “I Love Downtown Sarasota” Facebook Group, Jazz Club of Sarasota, and the Residents Associations of Lido Beach and St. Armands for these events. 

With these partnerships around the area, the events will span from listening to jazz, learning about the French culture, mingling with professionals, teaching young parents self-care, happy hours and decade-themed dance parties.

Julie Wilson and Sonia Gauthier throw candy from the balcony of Gauthier Salon & Wellness Spa.
Photo by Ian Swaby

This past Halloween, the Gauthier employees threw candy from their balcony for children trick-or-treating for Fright Night on St. Armands Circle. The Gauthiers also paid homage to the French-Canadian dessert shop, Sugar Shack, on their balcony to honor their roots. They hosted 50 people from the St. Armands Residents Association in February and provided different Canadian maple syrup dishes to share their culture with the locals. These events inspired Gauthier to desire balcony parties to occur regularly at the salon.

Gauthier said she is still finalizing plans but plans to throw the first event in June. It will be once a month for now but she hopes it becomes a bi-monthly or weekly event. Anyone who wants to attend is welcome but must RSVP. 

Gauthier and her husband, Serge, opened the salon in 2022 after falling in love with Sarasota during the pandemic. Moving from Quebec, they were featured on the French Canadian reality show, “Le Grand Move” or “The Big Move.” The show followed the couple and other Quebec natives moving from their hometowns to places all over the world. The Gauthiers made it on the third season of “Le Grand Move,” which focused on people moving to the U.S.

Since its camera debut and opening, the salon has grown immensely from just providing hair services. Now, they offer nail, makeup and massage services. Gauthier said providing community events is the final puzzle piece of their dream. 

“Our dream, this was handed to us,” said Gauthier. “The universe, God, call it as you want it, handed us the salon here in St. Armands Circle. We discovered this paradise, these people, just this dream life. But for us, it's even more than the salon. Having these events is part of our dream, so we can share a part of who we are. I think it will open a lot of doors for everyone who attends them.” 



Petra Rivera

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