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Sarasota Athlete of the Week: Mishyah Rumph

The Cardinal Mooney High track and field athlete is a school record-setter.

Cardinal Mooney High junior girls track and field runner Mishyah Rumph.
Cardinal Mooney High junior girls track and field runner Mishyah Rumph.
Photo by Ryan Kohn
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Mishyah Rumph is a junior girls track and field athlete at Cardinal Mooney High. Rumph holds the school record in the 200-meter dash (26.26 seconds), set at the Florida High School Athletic Association Class 2A District 11 championship meet April 30 at Booker High. Rumph and the Cougars won the meet as a team.

When did you start competitive running?

I started when I was 7 or 8. I just started going to different running camps. I liked running, and I looked up to people running in the Olympics. I didn't start taking it seriously until middle school, though, like eighth grade. That was my first time running organized track. And I've been doing it since then.

What is the appeal to you?

I like how competitive it is. You might start in the back, but by the end of the race the people in the front lose the speed they had in the beginning. So they are trying to hold on and you're trying to catch them and the crowd is going (wild). It's awesome.

What is your favorite event?

I like the 400. I'm not a fast person out of the gate. The 400 gives me time to pick up my speed, and I know how to hold my speed well. That's what gives me my advantage.

Are you happy with how you are performing right now?

I am. When I first came back out (this season), I didn't perform as I would have liked. I was upset. And that caused me to become better and keep working. I've been doing that and it is showing. I'm proud of myself.

What events would you still like to try?

The 800. I'm strong in the 400 and I think, if I can do that for two laps, I could be pretty good at it. My teammate Rosemary (Selke, junior), she runs the 800. I think that would be a pretty good competition. I think she would push me to become faster.

What is your favorite food?

My favorite meal is chicken tenders, fries and strawberries.

What are your hobbies?

I spend a lot of time with my family and my friends. We'll try new restaurants or go to the mall. 

What is your favorite school subject?

I like math and my digital information technology class. Math, I have a good teacher (Courtney Daly) who makes everything easier with the way she describes everything. And with my digital infotech class, I just love coding and making PowerPoints and things like that. 

What is the best advice you have received?

Just run your race. Don't worry about what anyone else is doing. Sometimes you'll see someone pass you and try to go faster, but you can't do that. Just run your race and focus on how you have trained and you will do fine. 

Finish this sentence: "Mishyah Rumph is …"

Majestic. I don't know why, I just always use that word. 



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