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Letter to the editor

It’s time for tax relief

County Commissioner Neil Rainford writes that he wants to lower property taxes.

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  • | 3:32 p.m. June 10, 2024
  • Sarasota
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Joe Biden’s disastrous economic policies have erased over a decade of prosperity in America. Sarasota is no exception. Prices are skyrocketing. Families are struggling. People need help. My family has felt the spike in monthly bills as costs have surged with inflation just like everyone else’s.

Gov. DeSantis and his family feel it too. That’s why the governor signed into law over $4 billion in tax relief for Florida families and seniors. And, why I’m joining him in calling for additional tax relief here in Sarasota County.

I’m calling to roll back the property tax rate to an over 25-year low to help property owners, reeling from unexpected spikes in monthly costs, feel some type of relief. Sarasota already ranks as the second lowest property tax rate out of 67 counties, but we should be first. 

Gov. DeSantis appointed me to be a Sarasota County Commissioner because he knew I was a tried-and-true fiscal conservative. Let’s join together and deliver tax relief to Sarasota County residents.

— Neil Rainford, District 3 county commissioner


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