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Man calls police to make his ex-wife stop yelling

Officers were asked to get involved because an ex-husband feared an argument could escalate into violence. This and other Sarasota Police Department reports in this week's Cops Corner.

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  • | 5:00 a.m. January 24, 2024
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Wednesday, Jan. 10

Doesn’t care for the caregiver

8:55 a.m., 1700 block of Benjamin Franklin Drive

Civil dispute: A caregiver for a resident in a condominium told an officer the manager of the building treats her poorly when she is there. She stated that two days prior the manager was staring at her and, when she asked why he was staring, he jerked away her cart and yelled at her.

The complainant said the manager gives her a hard time about her truck being in the parking lot, and thinks he has accused her of stealing items and reporting her to a relative of the woman for whom she cares. The officer spoke with the manager who said he is aware the complainant cares for an elderly resident. He said he has seen her in the building multiple times and she does not abide by the rules of the condominium. 

He said even though he allows her to park in a parking space close to the building, she has parked in the fire lane for an extended period of time to unload groceries, and he informed her she cannot do that. He denies yelling at her or shaking the cart. The officer determined the issue was civil in nature.

Same place, same time

7:33 p.m., 400 block of North Lemon Avenue

Civil disturbance: A domestic situation spilled over into an adult beverage establishment involving a divorced couple, two new girlfriends and a domestic violence injunction.

An officer made contact with the complainant who advised she has a domestic violence injunction against her ex-wife, of which she was in violation after as they were in the same location at the same time. The complainant was there with her current girlfriend, as was the subject. The complainant said she had publicly RSVP’d online to an event held at the venue, and assumed the ex-wife saw the response and decided to show up there. 

The complainant stated the ex-wife’s girlfriend approached her and told her they need to leave because they were there first. She also told the officer her attorney explained to her that if she and the ex-wife were ever in the same place, she would have the right to stay because of the injunction. She then showed a copy of the injunction on her cellphone, which states the ex-wife cannot come within 500 feet of her residence. However, there was no language specifying proximity in public places.

Once this was explained, the complainant said she did not want the ex-wife removed from the venue and further stated she did not want her to be listed as in violation of the court order.

Sunday, Jan. 14

Juvenile behavior

5:04 p.m. 300 block of Quay Commons

Criminal mischief: Officers were dispatched to investigate a group of juveniles in a fenced construction site, a witness stating he could see them on an upper level of a building under construction spray painting the walls.

Upon arrival, officers observed four male juveniles exiting the building, but still within the fenced perimeter of the construction site. The juveniles were detained and their parents and guardians were contacted to respond to the scene.

The juveniles collectively stated they were fishing and passed by the construction site when they got the bright idea to enter and spray graffiti on the walls. 

One officer took photos of multiple swastikas and a racial slur spray painted on the walls. The juveniles admitted to spray painting, but none of them admitted to being the person who painted the offensive images. They said they somehow reasoned that by entering a secured construction site, climbing to an upper floor and spray painting swastikas and slurs that they didn't think they were doing anything wrong.

The parents and one grandparent responded and took custody of the children after JAC was notified and were informed none of them met criteria to be arrested. Juvenile civil citations were issued to each of the four and they were released at the scene to their guardians.

Monday, Jan. 15

Make her stop yelling

4:49 p.m., 1100 block of Signal Pointe Drive

Family dispute: A man called police because he was being yelled at by his ex-wife. The two still live together in order to more easily pay bills and to take care of their two small children. 

He said his ex-wife frequently yells at him for being lazy, and this time he felt compelled to call law enforcement in hopes of preventing the argument from escalating into violence, which he said had happened once before.

The officer provided the woman with information about resources where she may seek assistance with child care, which may alleviate the need for the two to live together.

Tuesday, Jan. 16

Closer than they appear

112:22 a.m., 1700 block of 35th Street

Criminal mischief: Swinging his arm in a defensive fashion to avoid what he said was either a thrown object or projectile saliva resulted in him striking and damaging a vehicle’s sideview mirror. That’s the story a subject told officers responding to a property damage call. 

When officers arrived, the vehicle’s passenger side mirror was damaged and dangling. The complainant said that the subject approached the car and began arguing with her passenger. She said during the argument, the subject hit the mirror, breaking it. The subject told the officer that as he was walking toward the car he saw an object flying toward him, which is when he accidentally struck the mirror. The complainant countered that during the argument, the subject grabbed a pot or pan and struck the mirror. 

Exactly how the subject produced cookware standing outside the vehicle was not disclosed. As a result of the statements the subject was issued a citation for criminal mischief with damage between $200 and $1,000.


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