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Will Medicare Missteps Affect Your Retirement?

While the general process for your Medicare plans and options may seem straightforward, it is essential to carefully consider your options.

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  • | 12:00 a.m. February 29, 2024
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The choices of Medicare plans and options can be extremely complex depending on various factors such as your age, employment status, and individual circumstances.

While the general process may seem straightforward, it is essential to carefully consider your options.

Even the timing of signing up for Medicare can have significant financial consequences. Late enrollment can potentially trigger annual penalties.

“I just went through the Medicare gauntlet myself,” said John B. Leeming CFP®, president at JL Bainbridge. “That experience really brought home the idea that Medicare should be a key part of everyone’s financial planning. Every choice affects the future of both healthcare and personal finances.”

There are many questions to consider when planning for Medicare. It is essential to consider your individual healthcare needs and financial situation. Will you need prescription drug coverage, will you be traveling frequently or living in different states, do you need supplemental coverage?

These and many other specificities factor into making the right decision for you.

Powerful software tools, used by JL Bainbridge & Company, Inc, help cut through the complexity and match potential Medicare plans to their clients’ unique needs. JL Bainbridge’s financial advisors use their experience combined with the software tool to make more informed decisions for their clients.

JL Bainbridge’s free financial review includes twelve areas to explore with a family wealth advisor. Included among them is an introduction to JLB’s exclusive yourFuture℠ Planning Process and a Medicare Briefing and portfolio review.

If you are thinking about Medicare, please contact us for a free financial review.

JL Bainbridge advisors are fiduciaries. They are required by the SEC to act first and foremost for their clients’ interests.

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