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Reed Medical Group expands with new physical therapy suite

The PT team at Reed Medical Group moves to a suite with all-new equipment to serve Longboaters.

True Fitness provided all new equipment for Reed Medical Group.
True Fitness provided all new equipment for Reed Medical Group.
Photo by Petra Rivera
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Reed Medical Group recently finished renovations to become a full-service, personalized health care facility. The expansion added an additional suite dedicated solely to the physical therapy department.

Physical therapist administrator Shannon Quinn said the group started the PT department with one room in the back of the facility when RMG opened in 2022. The space only allowed RMG to treat a small number of patients. Not long after the practice opened the group began talking about expanding. Renovations started in August 2023 and were finished the first week of February.

Along with an additional, bigger suite, they purchased new equipment from True Fitness. This included exam tables, ellipticals, treadmills, a fan bike, a rowing machine, sets of weights and a stretch cage. True fitness is owned by Longboat Key resident, Frank Trulaske.

Austin Reed, Dr. Kitty Galica, Gabriella Vinson and Shannon Quinn
Photo by Petra Rivera

The team is headed by Dr. Kathleen “Kitty” Galica. She has an undergraduate degree from Ithaca College, a doctorate in physiotherapy from Mass General Hospital Institute of Health Professions and a master’s degree in public health from University of South Florida. She said her background is in sports medicine, with which she has 40 years of experience. 

Gabriella Vinson is the new addition to the team. The rest of the PT department includes Austin Reed and Quinn. Vinson has lived on Longboat Key all of her life, which means she knows most of the regulars that come to Reed Medical. 

“It’s important that we are out here because most people on Longboat are playing pickleball and tennis,” said Galica. “I play tennis out here and Gabriella plays pickleball and they will tell us, ‘My knee hurts. This hurts.’ I always say, ‘Come and see us.’ So it's important to have this so close by so we can help with these injuries.”

True Fitness provided all new equipment for Reed Medical Group.
Photo by Petra Rivera

The PT team offers a variety of treatments such as manual therapy, exercise orientation, dry needling, tool assisted mobilization, increasing flexibility, agility and motor control and evaluations to understand pain.

The team is excited about how much space they have to spread out all their patients. Their open-floor allows them to treat multiple patients at the same time and creates a positive atmosphere where patients encourage each other in the healing process. 

“We prioritize having different equipment like our traction machine that focuses on spinal decompression,” said Galica. “We also have different services that most places don’t offer like dry needling. We have some unique things that are more of a higher caliber of therapy. I think our exercise orientation is pretty high performance. Those are things that set us apart.”



Petra Rivera

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