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Building Strong Families for All Faiths

With a goal to empower individuals toward self-sufficiency and stability, JFCS services offer comprehensive care to community members in need.

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  • | 8:27 a.m. February 8, 2024
  • Sarasota
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Alicia, a determined single mother juggling two jobs to support her children, faced an unexpected challenge when she had to vacate her rented property on short notice. Navigating the complexities of finding new housing amidst her demanding work schedule and childcare responsibilities became an overwhelming task. Fortunately, the Building Strong Families program stepped in, providing crucial assistance by covering the first month's rent for her new home. Geared towards preventing homelessness in families with school-aged children, this intervention not only secured stability for Alicia and her children but also showcased the programs dedication to assisting hardworking individuals confronting unforeseen obstacles.

After stabilizing her housing situation, Alicia became a participant in our Restoring Empowerment & Choosing Hope (REACH) program. The REACH program, spanning 10 weeks and grounded in evidence-based practices, focuses on improving relationship and parenting skills, as well as enhancing the skills and abilities required to achieve and maintain economic self-sufficiency. During her involvement, she expressed an interest in obtaining a specialized certification that could enhance her prospects for a higher-paying job. The REACH financial literacy and economic specialist advocated for the program to cover the costs of her certification class. Alicia successfully obtained her certification and secured a full-time job, ensuring economic stability for her family.

Furthermore, amidst this tumultuous period, Alicia's son, James, began exhibiting behavioral issues at school and was arguing with his mother, leading to his referral to the Adolescent Diversion and Assistance Program (ADAP). Initially, James displayed detachment and disinterest, conveying a sense of obligation rather than genuine engagement. After several sessions, he gradually opened up to his counselor about the underlying source of his anger. His counselor shared anger management coping skills and communication techniques which he can use when faced with difficult situations. As a result, James is no longer exhibiting behavioral issues and has rebuilt his relationship with his mother.

This holistic approach exemplifies what sets JFCS apart. Wraparound case managers and social workers develop personalized care plans that consider the unique needs and strengths of each individual and family. While the road ahead for the families served by JFCS may present challenges, the organizations proven track record paves the way for hope and success.

JFCS of the Suncoast stands as a leading mental health and human services agency in the area, delivering services on a non-denominational basis inspired by the Jewish tradition of assisting all people. With a goal to empower individuals toward self-sufficiency and stability, JFCS services offer comprehensive care to community members in need.