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Bequest Platinum Event: How To Solve Your Income Challenge in 2024

Join us at Art Ovation Hotel on Feb 22nd 2024, 6-8pm EST, Live Event

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  • | 12:00 a.m. February 5, 2024
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Hello, this is Martin Saenz with Bequest Funds.  We have an exciting platinum event happening on Feb 22nd at the Art Ovation Hotel in downtown Sarasota.  We’re kicking off 2024 with a topic we’re all working towards which is “How to Solve Your Income Challenge”.

If you’re an employee, business owner, or retired, we’re all feeling the effects of higher prices and interest rates.  Nearly two-thirds of Americans believe their financial situation will not improve in 2024.  It’s why we wanted to create this event and share with you proven strategies on how you can solve this issue.

So come join us on Feb 22nd in downtown Sarasota, I’ll be kicking off the event with some new insights around what is happening in the economy today.  We’ll review the road map we’ve created towards financial freedom that is different than what you may have seen before to address this issue. 

I’ll be joined by experts in the field of building wealth such as David Friedman, Managing Director at Warwick Capital Group (David managed the family office of the late Frederick DeLuca, founder of Subway Restaurants).   Also, Charlie Shrem, founder of Bitcoin Foundation and Bitinstant.  Along with Rebekah Samples, who is a Cash Flow Strategies and Private Investor, Steven Smith, CEO of Celestial Management and my colleague Shawn Muneio, managing partner at Bequest. 

So, if you’re still working because you have to versus if you want to, don’t miss out on this event.  Click on the link above to get registered today as attendance is limited.  Thank you and looking forward to seeing you on Feb 22nd!

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