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East County Athlete of the Week: Natalie Davis

The Braden River High flag football sophomore had two touchdowns and two interceptions April 23 against Keswick Christian.

Braden River High sophomore flag football player Natalie Davis.
Braden River High sophomore flag football player Natalie Davis.
Photo by Ryan Kohn
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Natalie Davis is a sophomore on the Braden River High flag football team. Davis had two touchdown receptions on offense and two interceptions (one returned for a touchdown) on defense in Braden River's 32-7 win over Keswick Christian April 23. The Pirates are 16-1 as of April 29. 

When did you start playing flag football?

I started last season. My dad (Eric Davis) is a big Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan, so I have grown up around football. We're always watching it, and we have season tickets. When I joined flag last year, I didn't know exactly what it was, but I thought it would be interesting. I started to fall in love with it after learning the different positions and getting instruction from my coaches. 

What is the appeal to you?

Just being involved with the team. Our team is amazing. I love being in that environment. We're a family. The atmosphere is so fun. 

What is your best skill?

I understand my routes and can run them correctly. I get to the right areas of the field. 

What have you been working to improve?

My attitude. When I mess up or do something wrong, I can shut down. I'm working on avoiding that and learning to turn the page and move on. 

What is your favorite memory?

My favorite times are getting close with all the players. We all have a little secret handshake or something. Before each game, Aryanna (Spainhower, a senior) and I play rock, paper, scissors. It's for good luck. 

What has led to the team's success this season?

We communicate well and work together, and we have a well-rounded team. That is how you get good outcomes. 

What is your favorite food?

Chicken tenders and fries, for sure. 

What is your favorite TV show?

Either "Outer Banks" or "The Summer I Turned Pretty."

What are your hobbies?

My family is a boating family and a camping family. Pretty much every weekend in the summer, we are on the boat or on jet skis. I also like to play soccer over the summer. 

Which super power would you pick?

Time travel. I would go into the future to see what my future looks like, and then either change things if it's bad or keep them the same if it's good. 

What is the best advice you have received?

Never give up. In the last game (against Keswick Christian), I missed my first flag pull. It was my first time playing cornerback and I missed it. I got down on myself because I knew I could play better. But I was able to redeem myself by returning an interception for a touchdown. I ended up with two interceptions. 

Finish this sentence: "Natalie Davis is …"

Outgoing. I love to be active and doing things. 



Ryan Kohn

Ryan Kohn is the sports editor for Sarasota and East County and a Missouri School of Journalism graduate. He was born and raised in Olney, Maryland. His biggest inspirations are Wright Thompson and Alex Ovechkin. His strongest belief is that mint chip ice cream is unbeatable.

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