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Cigar club on Longboat Key is now open for its inaugural members

Club Leaf & Bean co-owners Mark Zini and Matt Kaltenberger are close to reaching their max for membership for the new members-only social cigar lounge on Longboat Key.

Club Leaf & Bean in Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania.
Club Leaf & Bean in Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania.
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Since the word has spread, everyone has been wondering what is behind the tinted windows at the new cigar club on Longboat Key. 

No one would ever guess that a building painted bright blue would be the place for select Longboaters to host colleagues and loved ones for a cigar or a quick gathering in a dark yet sophisticated interior. 

But that is how they want to keep Club Leaf & Bean: a place exclusive for its selected 55 inaugural members. 

Pennsylvania natives Mark Zini’s and Matt Kaltenberger's cigar lounge is a private, members-only club that hopes to provide like-minded men and women an exclusive experience for entertainment, work and social purposes.

“What I love about our two locations in Pennsylvania is that we are a community,” said Kaltenberger. “So it's not a networking center here. It's not a ‘pass our business cards out’ place. It's an opportunity to get to know the people that you live by. You don’t even have to like cigars to be a member. It is just to enjoy a nice drink together, enjoy the experience together and really build a community and a family.”

After 18 years of working in hospitality, Zini dreamed up the concept of the first Club Leaf & Bean in Washington, Pennsylvania.

Club Leaf & Bean co-owners Mark Zini and Matt Kaltenberger
Photo by Petra Rivera

“I wanted to create a place that I would enjoy,” said Zini. “It wasn’t going to be like a country club but still high-end, yet casual. It would facilitate nice events, just an atmosphere for professionals that just wanted to have a place to come to chill.”

After opening the first club in 2013, Kaltenberger was one of the founding members and became close friends with Zini. Together, they opened a second location seven years later in Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania due to the growth of the first club. 

The partners then thought, “How could we take this even further?” 

Kaltenberger had vacationed on the Gulf Coast for years and determined it would be the perfect place to start their most exclusive club yet. Kaltenbeger shared that Longboat checked off their goal with the number of locals to help them create a close-knit community.

Club Leaf & Bean is now open at 5390 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key, to its inaugural members. Zini said they are close to hitting their mark of 55 founding members.

“We have been taking it really slow because we are super selective about who we pick,” said Zini. “They are from all over the area: Longboat, Sarasota and Bradenton. We also have had a lot of referrals, which is great because it helps us better create a like-minded group of people.”

The second Club Leaf & Bean opened in March 2021 in Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania.
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Club Leaf & Bean opened to its current members in January. It is located next to the Longboat Key Chamber of Commerce. Each member has a private locker to store their alcoholic beverages and belongings. The club provides glassware, ice and refrigeration. Premium cigars are available for purchase, but members can also bring their own.

Zini shared that one of their goals is to create partnerships with other businesses on Longboat. Their first partnership on the island was with Ventura’s Italian Kitchen and Wine Bar for their soft opening. 

They hope to hold many events with exclusive tastings and products with other local businesses for Club Leaf & Bean members. Members will also be able to host their own private events at the club as well. 

“Our members have been telling us, ‘Why didn't you come sooner?’” said Zini. “The feedback has been very positive. They love the events, how we set up the building and the location. So, it's been tremendous. We just met so many great people.”



Petra Rivera

Petra Rivera is the Longboat community reporter. She holds a bachelor’s degree of journalism with an emphasis on reporting and writing from the University of Missouri. Previously, she was a food and drink writer for Vox magazine as well as a reporter for the Columbia Missourian.

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