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Letter to the Editor

Policy shifts show Republicans favor big government

A reader attempts to set the record straight on President Joe Biden's policies.

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  • | 8:00 a.m. April 9, 2024
  • Sarasota
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Having just forced myself to read through the entire “opinion” piece in the March 28 Sarasota/Siesta Key Observer, I was horrified to see such fact-free and untrue statements made regarding the current administration in this country.

To say that Biden’s administration is a statist system is utterly breathtaking when one considers the desires of the current Republican Party and the appalling ideas in the Trump-planned manifesto in 2025. 

The intended stripping away of women’s rights, health care and reproductive freedoms, electoral rights for citizens of color, LGBQT rights, and the majority SC‘s intended stripping away of any way in which to hold a rogue president responsible points clearly to a Republican belief in big government, less rights for individuals and utter misery and discontent in the country.

This paper may be, sadly in my view, a Republican mouthpiece but facts are facts, and these lies should not go unopposed!

— Primrose Carey, Sarasota


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