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Cops Corner

Small dogs playing in large dog area of Bayfront Park sparks citizen dispute

Two dog owners at Bayfront Park got into a yelling match over not keeping their dogs on the right side of the park. This and other Longboat Key Police reports in this week's Cops Corner.

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Friday, October 20 

No foul play

11:03 p.m., 6800 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive  

Property Damage, Not Vandalism: While conducting business checks around Whitney Beach Plaza, an officer noticed a broken front window. The incident appeared to be an accident, according to the officer, for he noticed a metal chair resting up against the broken glass. Exact time of the incident was unknown, and the window damage was estimated to be about $1,000. The sergeant on duty contacted the business owner, who said she would contact the property manager and report the damage. 

Saturday, October 21 

Road block 

7:51 p.m., 300 block of North Shore Road

Citizen Assist: An officer on patrol observed a BMW illegally parked in a “No Parking Zone” and blocking a gravel driveway. The officer left a ticket with the vehicle. 

Sunday, October 22 

Can’t play nice 

10:01 a.m., 4000 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive 

Citizen Dispute: A civil dispute call at Bayfront Park promoted Longboat Key police response. At the scene, a sergeant spoke with the complainant. The complainant said another woman with two dogs approached her and started cursing at her for having small dogs in the same area with two big dogs. The area was indeed marked for big dogs. The officer separated the two and spoke with the yeller, who refused to give her information. It was determined no crime took place, just a verbal dispute. 

No dogs allowed

2:06 p.m., 3100 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive 

Dog on the Beach: A caller reported a dog on the beach, which sent Longboat Key police to investigate. Upon arrival, an officer found the dog and its owner. The officer informed her about the town’s ordinance. She was given a verbal warning and escorted off the beach. 

Seven warnings 

11:24 p.m., 100 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive 

Suspicious Vehicle: While on night patrol, an officer noticed three vehicles parked at Overlook Park after hours. The vehicle owners were at the end of the park fishing. All individuals were given warnings for being in the park after hours, and three parking warnings. The late-night fishermen were ejected from the park. 

Monday, October 23 

Nothing but net

1:56 p.m., 3600 block of Fair Oaks Place 

Boat-Miscellaneous: Officers on marine patrol were dispatched to a resident’s concerned call about a fisherman using nets. Before investigating, the officer spoke with the complainant and said using nets to fish is legal, but he would still check the area for any potential violations. All was in order, though. 

Return of the resident 

11:59 p.m., 500 block of Cutter Lane 

Suspicious Incident: Dispatch sent Longboat Key police to a residential burglary call. At the scene, officers spoke with another resident who said she saw a person entering a house through the garage using a flashlight. The resident said the homeowner wasn’t supposed to be home and she didn’t recognize the car in the driveway. The officers searched the area outside of the residence, looked through windows and didn’t see anyone inside the house initially. Then, police decided to knock on the door and were greeted by the homeowner. She confirmed her identity and said she had just arrived for the season. 

Tuesday, October 24 

Out of juice 

1:30 p.m., 3700 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive 

Citizen Assist: While on patrol, an officer noticed an elderly man on a mobile scooter. The officer talked with the man, who said he ran out of battery on his mobile scooter. Another officer came to assist in pushing the man and his scooter home. 

Wednesday, October 25

After-hours noise 

5:03 p.m., 6100 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive 

Noise Complaint: A resident called to report construction noise after 5 p.m. At the scene, the responding officer spoke with the construction supervisor and advised him he was in violation of the town ordinance, and was given a written warning. 

Thursday, October 26 

Lost traveler

12:38 p.m., 2800 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive 

Citizen Assist: An officer responded to a call to help a traveler who lost his way. He said he was out of town and didn’t have his cell phone. The responding officer contacted a relative who told the officer where they were staying. The man was given a ride to his rental. 



Carter Weinhofer

Carter Weinhofer is the Longboat Key news reporter for the Observer. Originally from a small town in Pennsylvania, he moved to St. Petersburg to attend Eckerd College until graduating in 2023. During his entire undergraduate career, he worked at the student newspaper, The Current, holding positions from science reporter to editor-in-chief.

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