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Grammy-winning artist talks fantasy surrealism at live art show

Jim Warren painted the cover for Bob Seger's "Against the Wind" and was at Wyland Galleries to meet fans and show his artwork.

Jim Warren paints at his live art show at Wyland Galleries on Oct 14.
Jim Warren paints at his live art show at Wyland Galleries on Oct 14.
Photo by Petra Rivera
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After 55 years in the art world, Jim Warren is exploring different art forms thanks to a dose of inspiration from his son.

The Grammy Award-winning artist hosted a live art show Oct. 13-14 at Wyland Galleries on St. Armands Circle. Warren described his artwork as surreal fantasy, but with the help of his son it has become more abstract over the years. 

Art by Jim Warren
Photo by Petra Rivera

“Art is such a big part of my life that I named my son Art and my daughter Drew,” said Warren. “About seven years ago, my son got a little more involved in my process. He has always been an inspiration, but he inspires me now to change colors and to get into a more abstract style. I just did a painting with glow-in-the-dark paint. He helps me better communicate my ideas.”

Warren said he is a self-taught artist, painting at home from a young age. He started to take art more seriously in high school in the 1960s when he was inspired by Dalí and other artists whose work he saw when he went to art museums. 

Five years into his art career, Warren went to the 1975 Westwood Art Show in California, sold all his paintings and won first place. Warren’s career took off afterward. He did numerous book and album covers, including work for Alice Cooper and Prince. In 1981, he won a Grammy for his cover art painting for the Bob Seger album, “Against the Wind.”

Art by Jim Warren
Photo by Petra Rivera

He also started collaborating on art pieces with Robert Wyland, which is how he started featuring his work at Wyland Galleries. Warren has worked with Wyland Galleries for around 30 years. 

Warren is also an official Disney artist. He has created hundreds of fine art paintings using Disney characters in different art forms.

“Every piece we have bought from him has this amazing symbolism to it,” said Elizabeth Kuban, who is a big fan of Warren and attended the show. “There's just so much emotion and detail to every piece. It is absolutely incredible to meet him. He has such a vision for every piece he does.” 



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