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Lymphedema and Vein Disease

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  • | 12:00 a.m. October 11, 2023
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What is Lymphedema?

The lymphatic system protects the body against harmful bacteria and transports fluid from body tissues into the vascular system. Lymph vessels are thin walled to absorb fluid, bacteria, and protein for transport to the lymph nodes which eliminate waste and bacteria. Together, lymph vessels and nodes help maintain a healthy fluid balance.

Lymphedema occurs when there is impairment of the lymphatic system, which disrupts normal fluid transport. If the lymphatic system is overwhelmed, damaged, or blocked, chronic swelling can occur.

Over time this swelling can cause thickening of the skin and recurrent skin infections (cellulitis). It is a permanent condition which worsens over time if not properly treated. There is no cure, but symptoms can be managed which improve the quality of life.

If you have any concerns of lymphedema or vein disease, it is important to be evaluated. Minimally invasive treatments are offered in our offices, and there’s no downtime! Start your healing at Florida Lakes Vein Center.

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