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Police respond to a call about a gushing water hose

A late complaint from a resident prompts police to turn off a water hose. This and other Longboat Key Police reports in this week's Cops Corner.

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Saturday, July 15

Jumping juveniles 

1:51 p.m., 7200 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive  

Juvenile Problem: A Longboat Key marine patrol unit was sent to Longboat Pass Bridge to locate six juveniles jumping from the bridge into the water. On arrival, the officer checked all around the bridge but was unable to locate the youths. Police contacted the bridge tender, who also confirmed the jumpers were gone. 

Monday, July 17 

Boat in distress

12:31 p.m., Sarasota Bay 

Boat-Miscellaneous: Marine patrol was dispatched to waters north of the John Ringling Bridge to assist in an overturned personal watercraft. At the scene, the officer saw a good samaritan had brought one of the boaters on board and the other boater was attempting to upright the overturned watercraft. The marine patrol officer assisted in uprighting the watercraft and was able to help the boaters stabilize it. The watercraft was able to make it to the boat ramp successfully, with a police escort. 

Tuesday, July 18 

Golf cart confusion 

1 p.m., 4000 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive 

Citizen Assist: Longboat Key vacationers with a golf cart flagged down a police officer because they were concerned. The two vacationers told the officer that they were renting a property on the island and didn’t know if they were allowed to drive the golf cart that far down the island. The vacationers and officer contacted the vacation rental owner, who said maybe she didn’t explain the golf cart laws clearly enough. The vacationers made arrangements with a tow company. 

Guests allowed? 

1:59 p.m., 1000 block of Longboat Club Road 

Citizen Dispute: Officers were called to respond to a disturbance. The officer met with the caller on the scene, who said there were about 10 people on the beach that were not supposed to be there. It was then realized that they were guests of a tenant. 

Wednesday, July 19 

Private beach chair 

1:58 p.m., 1000 block of Longboat Club Road 

Trespassing: A resident called police to report a suspicious person trespassing. Upon arrival, the officer spoke to the property manager who said there was a female on the property who sat on a private beach chair. The property manager asked the female to leave because the chair was on private property, to which the female refused to leave. Officers went to investigate, but could not locate the trespasser. 

Thursday, July 20 

Bird emergency 

1:45 p.m., 3100 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive 

Animal Complaint: While driving on Gulf of Mexico Drive, an officer witnessed a white bird fly in front of an SUV. The SUV was unable to stop in time and struck the bird. Due to wing injuries, the bird was unable to fly away. Police contacted Save Our Seabirds, which sent a rescuer to pick up the bird. 

Wasting water

11 p.m., 7000 block of Longboat Drive North 

Citizen Assist: Police were called to respond to an active water hose. On scene, police were able to locate the hose that had been left on, and successfully turned it off. 



Carter Weinhofer

Carter Weinhofer is the Longboat Key news reporter for the Observer. Originally from a small town in Pennsylvania, he moved to St. Petersburg to attend Eckerd College until graduating in 2023. During his entire undergraduate career, he worked at the student newspaper, The Current, holding positions from science reporter to editor-in-chief.

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