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Remy’s on Main owners discuss food, Julia Child and their must-try dish

Their family recipe for success? Serving up all-American comfort food with a Korean flare in a thoroughly modern ambiance.

Barb’s Korean-inspired bulgogi nachos tempt with won ton chips, bulgogi steak, chopped kimchee, jack cheese, pico de gallo, scallions and gochujang aioli served with guacamole.
Barb’s Korean-inspired bulgogi nachos tempt with won ton chips, bulgogi steak, chopped kimchee, jack cheese, pico de gallo, scallions and gochujang aioli served with guacamole.
Photo by Lori Sax
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Remy’s on Main is the brainchild of Larry and Barb Remington with a lot of help from their son, daughter-in-law and son-in-law. 

The husband-and-wife restaurateurs know what they’re doing. In Michigan, their restaurants enjoyed 42 years of success — until the pandemic shut them down. But the couple bounced back and came back strong in Lakewood Ranch. 

They describe Remy’s as “a family-owned, family-friendly restaurant and bar.” That’s true — but with its sleek, upscale decor and thoroughly modern bar stocked with top-shelf wines and liquors, it’s also sophisticated and urbane. Remy’s menu serves up a mix of all-American crowd-pleasers with a few Korean classics that Barb, who was born in Korea, carefully curates. 

Simply put, this family-friendly restaurant is friendly to everybody — including nosy writers with notebooks and lots of questions. Here are their friendly answers.

Larry and Barb Remington met when they were both teenagers and have spent their lives doing what they love best — offering classic American and Korean comfort foods in a family-friendly ambiance.
Photo by Marty Fugate
When we left Michigan, we never thought that we’d…

Larry: Open a restaurant in Lakewood Ranch.

Barb: And we’re so glad we did.

We chose Lakewood Ranch for Remy’s because…

Larry: We love the Main Street community and the friendly people who stop by. We also love their canine companions. I’m a dog-lover — and all the dogs who come to Remy’s know it.

Barb: Larry feeds them all!

To me, comfort food means…

Larry: To me, it means homemade dishes that …

Barb: … make you happy.

Remy’s Korean-inspired foods, include…

Barb: Bulgogi nachos, bibimbap. And my homemade kimchi is very popular.

Remy’s down-home American comfort food includes…

Larry: Where to begin? Blueberry bubble waffles, homemade biscuits and gravy, our double-decker Remy burger, short ribs, our pan-fried fish — the list is endless. 

My absolute favorite comfort food is…

Larry: Mine is the Reuben sandwich — lean, deli-style corned beef and sauerkraut that are marinated together on the hot grill on a marble rye. Just thinking about it makes me hungry!

Barb: Bibimbap. It’s got everything I love in one bowl.

Don’t leave Remy’s without trying…

Larry: Our fabulous baby back ribs. We cook and sauté them to perfection. 

My guilty food pleasure is…

Barb: You know what I love? I’ve been eating fried calamari every night.

Larry: Yeah. Our fresh calamari is a great appetizer.

Barb: It’s hand battered. It’s so good.

Our favorite customers are …

Larry: Repeat customers who appreciate our food and try new things. 

Barb: We have so many regulars. Some come back four or five times a week. We know them all on a first-name basis.

When I’m not working, I love …

Barb: Messing around in my garden at home.

Larry: That’s hard to answer. I’m here from opening to closing. When am I not working? I guess that’s when I’m sleeping. So, getting a good night’s sleep!

My original culinary heroes were…

Barb: My mom! She was a fabulous cook; she taught me so much about Korean cuisine. And I really loved Julia Child. She used so much butter. Whenever I use butter, I remember her.

My new sources of culinary inspiration are ….

Barb: I admire so many Korean chefs and read many Korean cookbooks to keep up with new trends.

Larry: For me, that would have to be our children. They’re constantly inventing original recipes and aweing us with their talents.

Barb: Yes! Our children are so creative. 

Larry: The older you get, the more you get used to the old ways. The young generation is always cooking up new ideas and approaches to food. Back in the day, we taught them. Now it’s their turn to teach us. I love it.



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