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My View: 'Mad as hell' — and not willing to take it any longer

It is unconscionable for our president, Joe Biden, to call half of American voters “fascists.”

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  • | 12:14 p.m. September 16, 2022
Joel Schleicher
Joel Schleicher
  • Sarasota
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It should make no difference whether you are a Republican, Democrat or Independent. We all should be “mad as hell” — and unwilling to take it anymore.

Let’s start with this: It is unconscionable for our president, Joe Biden, to call half of American voters “fascists.” It is likewise  unconscionable for President Donald Trump to call people derogatory names. And it is unconscionable even for presidential candidates (e.g. Hillary Clinton) to call Trump supporters “Deplorables.”

We should be “mad as hell” and demand better! We should hold our elected officials to a high standard of serving “We the People” rather than serving themselves.

Even more, we should not tolerate elected officials — from the president down — knowingly breaking laws as they are doing now.

Our nation’s founding documents — the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights — are being trampled upon by all elected officials — locally and nationally, and therefore they are trampling upon our rights and liberties. They are violating the oath by which they all swore — to uphold the laws of the land.

We should be “mad as hell” that our immigration laws are not being enforced. It is unconscionable that our elected officials in Washington are knowingly violating immigration laws. Illegal immigration brings with it criminal elements, diseases and untold financial burdens on We the People.

Why should people whose first act is illegal entry into the country be given free lodging, food, education and medical benefits? We should be “mad as hell” that they are treated better than many hard-working citizens. In many cases, they are treated better than our military — the men and women who have volunteered to serve and protect us!

We should be “mad as hell” that elected officials have let crime skyrocket to epidemic levels. Evil thugs and repeat criminals are killing and mugging law-abiding citizens in broad daylight.  They are robbing and looting stores unabated. And they are committing these heinous acts of violence with no fear of arrest or punishment.

We the People should be “mad as hell” that elected officials are defunding police and district attorneys are failing to protect the taxpayers they swore to serve. Every one of them should be fired.

What’s more, a nation founded on protests against undue taxation is now back where it began. Our elected officials are taxing us into oblivion. We should be “mad as hell” at deficit spending at all levels!

Even more outrageous: Nowhere in the Constitution is the president given the right or authority to make decisions how taxpayer dollars are appropriated. Nowhere does the Constitution give the president the right or authority to forgive half a trillion dollars in student debt.

Congress has the sole responsibility of the nation’s purse. But, sadly and pathetically, even Congress has abdicated its oath to the Constitution and We the People. It should stop the president’s unconstitutional spending.

Everyone who has a rational, moral mind knows it makes no sense that plumbers, sole proprietors, contractors, restaurateurs, college students who paid off their debt or never went to college are now obligated to pay debts of others. If anyone should be punished to pay it should be the beneficiaries of this debt, the colleges and universities. They should pay.

Likewise, nowhere in the Constitution is the president given the authority to enter into treaties with foreign countries. And yet  Biden is negotiating a treaty with Iran, a terrorist nation whose stated goal is to destroy us. We should be “mad as hell” and yell from the windows.

To make all of this even worse, not only has the mainstream press become a biased, propaganda machine for the Democratic Party and its policies, our government — the FBI and White House staff — has colluded with the big tech companies to quash and censor our most cherished constitutional right, the Freedom of Speech. Where is the press’ outrage against censorship? We should be “mad as hell.”

Amid all this outrageous disregard for We the People and our laws, there is at least a growing light of optimism. Rationality appears to be occurring across the nation with school boards.

We the People never gave these boards the right to teach alternative history, alternative sex, ignoring religion or refusing to say the Pledge of Allegiance. But thankfully, parents are taking back the education of our children.

We the People must continue to be “mad as hell” and continue to express it at the ballot box.

The United States has been the most successful and most giving nation in the world. We cannot let corrupt politicians succeed in redefining and destroying it. It is time to express our rights, vote them all out and start anew with people who will actually represent us and the Constitution.

Joel Schleicher is a Sarasota resident and chair of the Southwest Florida Water Management District.


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