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Can I Avoid Staining My Teeth After Drinking Red Wine?

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  • | 12:30 a.m. September 12, 2022
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Does Drinking Red Wine Stain Your Teeth?

Yes, drinking red wine does cause your teeth to become stained. The tannins in red wine can adhere to your teeth and cause staining. If you drink red wine regularly, you may notice that your teeth become progressively more stained over time.

Similarly, red wine contains chromogens, which are molecules that can readily absorb light, and this results in the red color that we see in wine. When these molecules come into contact with teeth, they can adhere to the surface of the teeth and cause staining.

Tannins further enhance the ability of chromogens to stick to the enamel.

The good news is that there are ways to remove these stains and keep your teeth looking white and bright. Let’s find out how to avoid staining your teeth after drinking red wine.

How to Avoid Staining Your Teeth After Drinking Red Wine

Here are some valuable tips to prevent teeth staining after drinking red wine:

1.     Use a Straw - This may seem like an obvious one, but sipping your red wine through a straw can help to avoid contact with your teeth.

2.     Rinse Your Mouth With Water After Drinking - This will help to remove any residual wine from your teeth and will also help to keep your mouth hydrated (which can prevent staining).

3.     Avoid Tobacco Products - Tobacco use is a major contributor to tooth stains, so avoiding it altogether is your best bet.

4.     Use a Whitening Toothpaste - There are a number of whitening toothpastes on the market that can help to remove stains and keep your teeth looking their best.

5.     See Your Dentist for Regular Cleanings - Getting your teeth professionally cleaned on a regular basis can help to remove any build-up of stains.


If you’re like me and enjoy a nice glass of red wine from time to time, be sure to follow the aforementioned tips for avoiding stained teeth. And if you do happen to stain your teeth, don’t worry – Bayview Dental Associates can help get your smile back to its dazzling best. Contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment.


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