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Lakewood Ranch clinic gives fat-burning demonstration during open house

Lifestream Family Medicine showcases its new service, which it says reduces body fat and builds muscle mass.

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During its open house Nov. 15, LifeStream Family Medicine of Lakewood Ranch treated its guests to something more than a tour of the facility. 

The event allowed guests to experience a free demonstration of the recently installed Emsculpt Neo.

“I think it's going to be only a positive thing because it's offering new services for our patients,” said Dr. Saska Sookra Winslow, who leads the clinic.

The clinic promoted its non-invasive treatment device, manufactured by BTL Industries, to destroy fat with its radio frequencies and to stimulate muscle mass with its high-intensity electromagnetic field procedure.

Winslow said that after studying liposuction and deciding to go a different direction, she wanted to provide patients with a non-invasive option that did not have side effects such as blood clotting.

Monica Gomez, a marketing manager at BTL Industries, operates the Emsculpt Neo. (Photo by Ian Swaby)
Monica Gomez, a marketing manager at BTL Industries, operates the Emsculpt Neo. (Photo by Ian Swaby)

In addition to the Emsculpt Neo, the clinic also provides primary care.

Winslow said Lifestream Family Medicine focuses on patients who do not have insurance, allowing them to get a flat rate for services.

She also called the practice faith-based and said it observes “spiritual health” and will sometimes offer prayers for patients.

Visitors who participated in the demo responded positively.

Lakewood National’s Michael Charak said the physical sensation after the treatment was the same as what he would have received from a full abdomen workout.

“The average person doesn't have the time for the gym if they're working eight hours a day, five days a week, so it is a very convenient way to get around that,” he said.

Palmetto’s Vickie Mauro said it provided a relaxing experience after an intense start.


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