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E-scooters now available in Sarasota

City commissioners tested the electric scooters and pedal bikes offered by Veo.

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  • | 4:20 p.m. March 25, 2022
A group of Veo bicycles.
A group of Veo bicycles.
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City commissioners tested new electric scooters and bikes Friday morning outside of City Hall, the official unveiling of the new Veo Micro-mobility Project that will continue to be rolled out in the coming weeks.

Through a partnership with scooter company Veo, a pedal bike (the Halo), a standing electric scooter (the Astro 3) and a seated scooter (the Cosmo) will be available for rental throughout Sarasota. Approximately 350-400 scooters and 50-75 bicycles will be available when the rollout is completed.

“I’m happy that our city leaders have supported this program and have supported creating an environment where we live more and drive less,” said Mark Lyons, Sarasota Parking and Mobility General Manager. “That means taking advantage of these mobility options.”

Veo mobility scooters and bikes have already been implemented in several cities including St. Petersburg. Scooters will cost $1 to unlock and 37 cents a minute used, while bicycles will cost 50 cents an hour.

Before taking off on an electric scooter in downtown Sarasota, Mayor Erik Arroyo spoke about how increasing means of mobility has been an emphasis since he became mayor. Even though it has been a priority from his first day, additional modes of clean transportation have been especially prevalent recently.

“We’ve been committed to reducing our carbon footprint by nearly 100 percent by 2050 and this is how we get there,” Arroyo said. “Especially with everything going on in the world. There’s people who cannot afford gas because it’s now $6 a gallon in many parts of the country. This reduces our reliance on foreign oil.”

In addition to the environmental impact electric scooters could have, Vice Mayor Kyle Scott Battie acknowledged the impact they could have on traffic. With the option of a bicycle or scooter, Battie said traffic congestion in Sarasota could be   decreased.

Battie recently visited Washington D.C. and said his primary mode of transportation outside of walking was using an electric scooter. He said that it not only allowed him to bypass some traffic, but also made him feel more engaged in the community, which can now be done in Sarasota.

“It’s a great way to get yourself involved and engaged in the city. It’s a way to partake in the beautiful paradise we live in,” Battie said. “You can experience what’s happening in Sarasota with all of the activity that’s going on.”

Battie thanked Commissioner Hagen Brody, who has been a longtime and outspoken supporter of the scooter program. Brody said the recent work between commissioners and Veo has given him confidence that the program will be a solution going forward, rather than a problem.

Brody, who also joined the mayor and vice mayor in riding the scooters on Friday, said that the program is a reflection of the future of transportation. He said that because Sarasota has many venues within close proximity of each other, the scooters could eliminate unnecessary traffic and attract more people to popular destinations.

“This is one way we see the multimodal and multifaceted means of transportation plan for Sarasota,” Brody said. “It’s not a silver bullet that solves all traffic issues, but it helps. It’s an enjoyable way to get out of your car. We’re looking to expand this so people from all corners of the city can utilize this.”

Brody also said he has hoped to expand the project beyond city limits. He spoke about the Legacy Trail, operated by the county, as a “multimodal superhighway." If the scooters or other future projects were combined with the Legacy Trail, multimodal transportation could grow exponentially in popularity.

The Legacy Trail, which was recently extended to Fruitville Road, has been anticipated to continue growth with an expansion into the city of North Port. Legacy Trail could also become a regional trail in the future and has already seen construction on a bifurcated trail, which will separate users by the pace of which they travel.

“Transportation options are critically important, not just to our community but to every community going forward,” Brody said. “I think over the next few decades you’ll see more and more options. I think these assets in our community will become more and more important to citizens of Sarasota.”

Once the rollout of scooters and bicycles has been completed, they will be available to rent between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. each day. More information on Veo scooters can be found on the company’s website,


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