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Sarasota Cops Corner: Mopping up a rent dispute

Police reports from around Sarasota.

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Monday, May 30

Curious onlooker

6:30 p.m., Fruitville Road at North Lime Avenue

Unleashed dog: While working an accident scene, an officer was made aware of a stray dog at the same location that was being detained by a civilian. The pit bull or pit bull mix had been wandering without an owner approximately one block north of Fruitville Road. It was friendly, appeared in good health and was wearing a collar, but no tag was found. An Animal Services officer took possession of the pooch.

Wednesday, June 1

Water under the door

9:10 a.m., 26th Street

Property damage: Police responded to a property owner who called to document damage left behind by a disgruntled tenant who allegedly left a shower running intentionally in an effort to flood the bathroom. The owner discovered water running under the door, put towels on the floor to capture the water and turned off the shower. The property owner advised police she was involved in a rent dispute with the tenant, who had packed several personal items and left the residence before the flooding was discovered. The officer advised the owner that having not seen the tenant leave the water on and with no witnesses to the incident, the matter could be referred to civil court.

A long joy ride

9:16 a.m., North Geneva Road

Suspicious vehicle: An officer on patrol was investigating possible trespassing in a parking lot when a suspicious unoccupied vehicle was discovered. An individual sitting in his own vehicle next to the case vehicle said he had been there for 30 minutes and saw no driver. The vehicle appeared empty, was locked and had no keys inside, and the license plate was removed. The windshield was cracked on the right side but appeared drivable. Upon investigation, it was confirmed the vehicle was stolen from North Carolina. The vehicle was processed for latent prints with negative results. There were no cameras nearby to get possible video footage of the incident. The vehicle was removed and the owner was notified.

Tuesday, June 2

Stalking is no yoke

9:14 p.m. North Shore Drive

Dispute: An uninvited ex-boyfriend was accused of harassing his former girlfriend while she was at a sleepover at a friend’s house. Police were dispatched to the home after the harasser had left, but not before he attempted to redecorate the exterior of the home with the age-old prank of egging. Prior to police arrival, the resident cleaned up the eggs, and the mother of her friend, a minor, explained to police that because her daughter is a minor, she declined to press charges. Undeterred, the officer advised the egg-tossing stalker’s mother that her son should contact the officer to be advised that, should he return to the property, charges may be pursued.


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