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Joe Biden, you are crushing the American people

Destroying our wealth, our way of life, our happiness and our liberty — your plan is pathetic. Rise up, Americans.

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When you see and walk among the 25,000 gravestones at the National Cemetery in Sarasota on Memorial Day, you cannot help but be overcome by the profound significance.

You think of all those Americans who volunteered and served in our military to preserve our way of life, to keep all of us from being the slaves of murderous tyrants. And you especially think of those who gave their lives so we could live free.

But once you drive out of the cemetery and pass a service station posting gasoline at $4.30 a gallon, a disturbing, maddening reality comes back into focus: We are at war in our own homeland.

Our own government is attacking and destroying the people they allegedly serve.

Our non compos mentis president and the unelected, power-craved puppeteers pulling his strings and filling his teleprompters are killing and crushing us.

Not with guns, but with intentional, tyrannical decisions designed to tear down the United States that we love. It is increasingly evident they want us not to be free, but to live under their oppressive rule of centralized power elites and globalists who despise individual freedom and capitalism, who despise government by the people, for the people.

If it were otherwise, they would be working at warp speed to reverse course, not by the Biden way of always too little, too late, too feeble and oh-so tired tropes.

Just think about all of President Joe Biden’s malevolent, painful actions we have been forced to endure for the past 18 months. You know the list well, and they are all government induced.

But the most devastating of these actions to every American have been inflation and the price of fuel.

They are especially decimating America’s poor and middle class. If you combine the 11% increase in grocery food prices this year and the 112% increase in gas prices since 2020, they are sucking an additional $3,500 to $4,000 a year from the annual finances of paycheck-to-paycheck American families.

Everything is going up. And these price increases will continue to go up for months to come. As employers give raises to try to keep employees’ wages close to the rate of rising prices, all of these businesses will pass on rising costs to customers. The spiral will continue.

This will inflict even more strain and pressure on Americans, lowering their standards of living while increasing frustration and despair.

This despair, declining living standards and the desperation of watching your money buy less and less will tear down even more the social well-being of our nation. Crime is certain to increase. Desperate men do desperate things.

The simple truth is, when you destroy people’s wealth, you destroy their happiness and liberty.

This is the war Americans have had no control over for 18 months.

And to make matters worse,  Biden’s plan to fix this economic disaster will do nothing to help.

Help is needed now. When there is an urgent, burning crisis, you expect leadership to take quick, decisive action. Stop the patient from bleeding to death.

But if you read President Biden’s plan for fighting inflation, there is nothing in it that conveys a sense of urgency; nothing that would make anyone cheer: “This guy knows what he is doing!”

To the contrary, Biden’s plan that he spelled out in Tuesday’s Wall Street Journal is pathetic.

He said, “We need to take every practical step … to boost the productive capacity of our economy over time” (italics added).

Over time? How about now?

As he has throughout this crisis, he blames the high cost of fuel on Putin, even though prices have been going up since 2020. He pats himself on the back for the “largest release from global oil reserves in history.” And he wants Congress to give more subsidies and tax credits to renewable energy producers and users and “accelerate our transition from energy produced by autocrats.”

Here’s what all that means: He wants more government intervention in the economy. He wants to take more money out of the pockets of the people who can least afford it and give tax breaks for energy sources that will do nothing to help the poor, middle class and truck drivers drive their gas-powered vehicles that they can hardly afford.

What you give to one (tax credits), you must take away from another (confiscate even more of your wealth).

Biden provides no hint of doing everything he can to unleash America’s energy producers. Instead, he and his puppeteers continue to force their climate change dreams and lies on Americans, punishing the very people who can least afford it, depriving the poorest of what they need to survive.

Eighty percent of the U.S. economy runs on oil, natural gas and coal. Biden and his puppeteers obviously are determined to use their powers to cut off the fuel that allows us to have the standard of living we have.

Who are they serving?

Read on in Biden’s plan and it is the usual Cheesecake Factory menu of government programs, regulations, spending and intervention: more fuel economy regulations for gas-powered cars and trucks, more taxpayer dollars devoted to charging stations, more tax subsidies for automakers and e-car buyers, price controls on prescription drugs, government intervention into agriculture, subsidies to build more so-called affordable homes, forced and subsidized reductions in child care  and long-term elder care costs.

And, of course, he says, “e should end the outrageous unfairness in the tax code,” which is code for higher taxes.

Every one of his prescriptions will benefit a few at the expense of the many, take from one and give to another. History has shown time and again, and certainly has shown us now, more government, more intervention and more spending from Washington, D.C., always makes things worse.

Joe Biden’s plan won’t save the people who need help most.

And at the rate the U.S. economy is falling, we cannot wait for the November elections or the 2024 presidential election. Even if Republicans win this November, they will face a Democratic president who will obstruct a change in direction. No one knows how far down we can go by 2024.

Americans should take this attack on our way of life no more. We should demand  action that reverses the Biden economic agenda. If Biden and his puppeteers truly cared about the American people, if they were truly public servants and not power-hungry tyrants, they would let the free market and American ingenuity run free.

Eliminate and/or suspend the regulations and obstructions that are choking off American-produced oil and gas.

Do it today.

Speak up, Americans. Loudly and forcefully. Flood the White House, your congressman, senators and governor. Let them know Washington policies to boost the economy “over time” are unacceptable.

Tell them to serve the people. We are in charge. They are not.



Matt Walsh

Matt Walsh is the CEO and founder of Observer Media Group.

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