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Longboat Key Cops Corner: A noise for news

Police reports from around Longboat Key.

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  • | 5:00 a.m. July 21, 2022
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Friday, July 8

A noise for news

10:51 a.m., 6000 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive

Noise: An officer who went to investigate a report of noise found no one home at a residence, though a radio news program was playing from a set of wired outdoor speakers in a pool area. Finding no way to silence the speakers, the officer found a contact number for the homeowner, who said he was out of town but would try to have someone come to the home and take care of the problem.

Just floatin’

12:15 p.m., Sarasota Bay

Abandoned boat: The marine-patrol officer was sent to check out a report of an abandoned boat in Sarasota Bay. The officers was able to ascertain that the vessel, which was at anchor, had recently been sold and was not abandoned and was not posing a hazard to navigation or shore-side property.


3:28 p.m., 6000 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive

Citizen assist: A dispute between a neighbor and a man cutting down trees on another property prompted a visit by a police officer. The neighbor said the man clearing land was encroaching on an easement between his land and the adjacent lot. The man clearing the land said he had permission from bordering owners to be near their property line. The police officer told both parties the dispute was a civil one over a property line, not necessarily a police matter.

Saturday, July 9

Up from the ground

8:45 a.m., 600 block of Bowsprit Lane

Citizen assist: A call to police alerted officers to water bubbling up from the ground near a home. Before calling police, a neighbor rang the bell of the home and got no answer. The officer alerted the town’s Public Works Department, which sent someone out to investigate. The Public Works representative said he would reach out to the property owner via information connected to property’s water and sewer account.

Bush leave

9:06 a.m., 2100 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive

Road hazard: An officer removed a three-foot diameter shrub that was completely blocking the northbound bicycle lane.

Well, hello there

12:39 p.m., 500 block of Bay Isles Road

Alarm: An officer and a sergeant responded to a report of an activated intruder alarm. When they arrived, they found an open door and encountered a man who said he had first entered an incorrect code and then corrected himself. There was no evidence of a crime or a break in.

Bad news, good news

2:48 p.m., 600 block of Norton Street

Noise: An officer responding to a report of loud music coming from a home got no answer from a knock on the door, but the music was immediately turned off.

Sunday, July 10

FWF (Frustrated while fishing)

9:47 a.m. 2600 block of Harbourside Drive

Suspicious incident: Police came to the aid of a worker who was having a hard time persuading a fisherman to leave the private property of a marina, even though signs were posted reading “No Fishing, Private Property.’’ The fisherman told the officer that he didn’t believe the water belonged to the marina and that it was open to all. The officer convinced the fisherman of the error of his opinion, and he raised anchor and departed.

No lights

1 p.m., 4000 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive

Traffic hazard: After watching pedestrians cross the road to the beach without the crosswalk warning lights activating, an officer stopped to test the lights himself and found they were not working. Florida Department of Transportation was alerted about the condition of the agency’s property.

Can’t stop … we’re sinking

2:12 p.m., New Pass

Boating: The town’s marine patrol sought to stop a vessel operating in violation of a slow-speed, minimum wake zone. The operator told the officer the boat  was taking on water and was rushing back to land. The officer escorted the boater to a nearby marina, where the boat was immediately hauled out of the water.

Monday, July 11

Lounging in traffic

1:38 p.m., 5100 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive

Road hazard: An officer on patrol slowed and stopped to remove a lawn chair from the roadway. He left it in the grass adjacent to a condominium complex.


2:10 p.m., 3400 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive

Citizen assist: While parked on the side of the highway, an officer watched as a small dog run from a nearby parking area and into Gulf of Mexico Drive. The officer switched on his vehicle’s emergency lights and stopped traffic to retrieve the dog and return it to its owner.

Tuesday, July 12

Hard to find

11:55 a.m., near Neptune Avenue

Citizen assist: Police were alerted by the town of a pool being drained into the right of way. An officer responded but couldn’t find such a situation and asked that additional details be relayed to him. None were available.

Wednesday, July 13


4:45 p.m., Longboat Pass

Boating: A caller to police alerted officers to a possible in-distress boater in a raft floating in Longboat Pass. The marine patrol officer ascertained that what the caller had actually seen was  a channel marker, not a castaway.

Thursday, July 14

Waiting to work

7:30 a.m., 2000 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive

Traffic hazard: An officer asked the drivers of several commercial vehicles waiting outside a gated community to do so elsewhere and not to back up into traffic, causing a hazard for other drivers.

Friday, July 15

Helping out

11:45 a.m., Ringling Causeway

Agency assistance: A town police officer was asked to assist with an emergency on Sarasota’s bayfront involving a broken gas line. The officer was stationed at the west end of the Ringling Bridge to block eastbound traffic heading toward the mainland. He assisted until police services were no longer needed.


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