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Sarasota Cops Corner: Attack of the snacks

Police reports from around Sarasota.

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Monday, July 11

Fight night

7:48 p.m., Maple Avenue at Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Way

Disturbance: Officers arrived at the scene where multiple juveniles had been fighting and were still arguing. While there, two juveniles began fighting, prompting officers to intervene and separate the two. Throughout the entirety of the incident, the many uncooperative individuals rendered it difficult to discern the sequence of events. Ultimately, the parties departed from the area without further incident.

Snack attack

8:23 p.m. 1400 block of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Way

Disturbance: Responding to a complaint about an unruly customer, officers arrived to find a female customer in a verbal dispute with a male customer who earlier had thrown lottery tickets at the woman. She responded by throwing an assortment of plastic-wrapped snacks toward the man. The officer reviewed video of the incident, determined none of the hurled objects struck their intended target, but observed the woman spit in the direction of the man. The officer examined the man’s shirt where he claimed the woman had spit on him, but found no evidence of “a stain or wet spot or evidence of spit/saliva.” No further action was taken.

Tuesday, July 12

No model employee

1:59 p.m., 1400 block of First Street

Harassment: A disgruntled former employee harassing his former colleagues at a retail location brought officers to the store where the perpetrator had been employed for seven months, but in recent weeks was exhibiting aggressive behavior toward co-workers and customers. After being confronted by management, the former employee allegedly went on to make passive sexual innuendoes to female staff. After being counseled again for his behavior, he yelled at a customer, causing the employer to reduce his status from full-time to part-time. Irritated over losing health benefits as a result, he was terminated on June 29, responding by sending insulting text messages to his former co-workers and manager. Wanting to document the behavior, the manager called police. The officer called the former worker, advising him to stop harassing employees and that he was not to return to the store. The man acknowledged, adding he was angry with the manager and held no ill intentions toward him. Copies of the text messages were placed into evidence and no further action was taken.

Thursday, July 14

Testosterone superiority

3:08 p.m. 2000 block of Adams Lane

Disturbance: A security guard recently reported a dispute at a municipal park involving one man who was subsequently banned from the park for violating rules. The security guard stated the man had stopped him to question a previous situation for which he had been banned. When the guard replied he had no information about a previous incident, the man began to hurl insults at him, then allegedly grabbed at his groin stating the security guard was merely jealous of his “testosterone superiority.” The man was then advised he was banned from the park for violating rule No. 9 which reads: “Profanity, reckless and boisterous behavior is prohibited.” The man admitted to his actions to police but denied grabbing at his groin, saying he was merely adjusting his belt. The perpetrator left the scene without incident with a copy of a trespassing form, which he signed.


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