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Sarasota Cops Corner: Floppy fries flare-up

Police reports from around Sarasota.

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Monday, Aug. 22

Long-term parking

10:41 a.m. 1200 block of North Lime Avenue

Dispute: A vehicle inoperable after three years at an auto trim shop prompted a dispute between the vehicle owner and the business. The vehicle owner told the responding officer he had paid the business $2,500 for repairs, but the vehicle remained inoperable. The complainant told the officer he wanted the vehicle finished and restored to working order. The business owner explained rain had entered the vehicle because the sunroof was not closed while parked at another business, causing water and electrical damage that would cost an additional $1,500 to repair. The owner countered the damage occurred while at its current location. The business owner said the vehicle owner was advised of the cost of the repair in 2020, but declined, countering that the shop owner had previously offered to repair the damage and purchase needed parts. The car owner was provided instructions on how to file a civil lawsuit for damage to the vehicle and to be recover his $2,500. The complainant advised he would attempt to have the vehicle towed from its current location as soon as possible.

Slinging mud

6:12 p.m., 3900 block of Bay Shore Road

Neighbor dispute: Complaints about a neighbor throwing mud over a wall and into a pool under construction brought police to investigate. According to the contractors working on the pool, the next-door neighbor “flung” mud over an adjoining wall, which landed on the pool deck and surface while work was progressing. The delicate process, the home ownerexplained, was susceptible to staining by mud coming in contact with the surface. The officer was unable to interview the contractors who had left for the day. None of several security cameras captured video of the incident. Most of the mud had been removed prior to the officer’s arrival, and he was unable to discern any obvious damage to the pool or pool deck. The officer further observed water and mud on the sidewalk between the residences, and mud on the exterior southwest wall of the complainant’s property. It was the latest in a string of disputes between the neighbors regarding construction of the complainant’s pool. The officer interviewed the neighbor, who said he was advised by an unknown city inspector to shovel mud draining onto his property from the construction back into the adjoining yard, and if any of it had landed in the pool or on the deck, it was unintentional. No property damage was officially reported and the case was de-activated.

Tuesday, Aug. 23

A love gone flat

9:03 p.m. 1000 block of Cocoanut Avenue

Criminal mischief: A charge of a property damage by an ex-lover brought police to investigate a slashed vehicle tire, the victim claiming the act was performed by his previous partner. The victim said the break-up occurred two weeks prior to the incident, resulting in an argument during which the ex-partner threatened to slash his tire. He said he did not witness the incident, and no photo or video evidence was available. The officer observed a puncture in the tire about one-inch wide, consistent with a knife. The damage is estimated at $100.

Wednesday, Aug. 24

School bus brawl

8:27 p.m., 3000 block of Ringling Boulevard

Fight: A school bus driver called police when he was unable to control approximately a dozen elementary school students on a school bus. The officer boarded the bus where the juveniles were “yelling insults, swearing, pushing, punching, and grabbing each other.” Although the officer ordered them to sit down, the brawl continued. Other officers arrived at the scene and separated groups from each other. No criminal investigation ensued, and school staff and school district police will conduct their own investigation.

Friday, Aug. 26

Floppy fry fracas

6:45 p.m., 300 block of Beneva Road

Dispute: Police responded to a call from a fast-food restaurant when a customer refused to leave the establishment over a complaint about soggy French fries. A customer in the drive-through, upset because she did not receive fresh fries, entered the restaurant approximately 10 minutes later demanding the manager’s last name, but was told such identification violated company policy. An officer met with the dissatisfied customer who was sitting in the restaurant’s dining room. She explained the manager was rude to her in the drive-through and wanted her last name so she could report her to the company’s human resources department, adding she would not leave until she could report to HR by phone. The manager did not wish to press trespassing charges providing the officer could successfully remove the customer from the property.


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