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Gastroenterology Trends and Treatments

Dr. Lee Mitchel is a gastroenterology specialist in Sarasota, FL. Dr. Mitchel has more experience with pancreatic disease, liver disease and esophageal disorders than other specialists in his area.

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  • | 12:30 p.m. November 18, 2021
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Dr. Lee Mitchel of Florida Digestive Health Specialists has seen it all when it comes to gastrointestinal issues. “My patients cover the gamut from A to Z,” he says. “It just amazes me. It’s like being at a university hospital. Every patient teaches you something new."

A generalist, he also specializes in hepatology, which is the study of the liver. Hepatitis B and C, as well as cancer of the liver, the colon and the pancreas, are among the ailments Dr. Mitchel treats most often. He’s also noticed an increase in cases of acid reflux, constipation and diarrhea in his office lately.

Not sure if you have any of those diseases or ailments? Look over the symptoms listed below before visiting your primary physician. He or she will likely refer you to a specialist like Dr. Mitchel, whose expertise will get you on the road to recovery.

Acid reflux will show up in patients as indigestion, heartburn, a bad taste in the mouth, midabdominal pain and sometimes bleeding.

Hemorrhoids are swollen veins in the lower rectum. Internal hemorrhoids are usually painless, but tend to bleed, and external hemorrhoids may cause pain and itching.

People who have Hepatitis B usually have no symptoms, but more than likely, they were born in Southeast Asia. It is common there and transmitted from mother to child in utero.

Hepatitis C patients usually complain of fatigue and might have jaundice. This disease is transmitted through the blood system, and often people who suffer from it used injected drugs or have tattoos. The good news is that the cure rate is 98 percent.

People with liver cancer often discover it because of a bout with jaundice and abnormal CAT scans. Dr. Mitchel’s office has created a liver team that can treat this cancer locally or refer the patient to a transplant center, if necessary.

Pancreatitis can present itself with abdominal pain, vomiting and nausea.

Prevention is key for some of these ailments, and it doesn’t take much effort. For instance, Dr. Mitchel’s top tip is to focus on good handwashing techniques, such as using warm water and spending at least 20 seconds scrubbing with soap. Also, you can possibly avoid fatty liver disease and acid reflux by practicing a healthy diet, avoiding fatty and greasy foods and not smoking.

If you do need treatment, compounded medications might be a good solution for you. “They give you a new angle how to treat people,” Dr. Mitchel says.

Compounding pharmacies can flavor oral medicines to taste better so that you’re more willing to take your medications as prescribed.

They can also create suppositories, creams and enemas containing a combination of medications. This is a much more efficient delivery system and especially useful for someone experiencing hemorrhoids.

With new research and treatments ongoing, gastroenterology issues, including the ones mentioned in this article, can be managed or even cured as long as you seek medical help by calling your doctor today.


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