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OPINION: Attack on doctors’ oath

Vaccinating children is emblematic of the war on the Hippocratic oath: government vs. doctors.

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We knew they would come — the rebukes, the citations disparaging the doctors, the “shame on you” for printing such low-level misinformation and trash.

We’re printing this week some of the letters we received from readers in response to last week’s report on the Florida Summit on COVID-19, which we headlined on this page: “Do not vax your children.”

We knew that headline would trigger strong recoil. But we did it on purpose. It was, in fact, the most significant news and message coming from the speakers at the Florida Summit on COVID-19.

And we did it with the hope that readers would take note and do what we encouraged them to do — to do more research, to give consideration to the fact there are other voices, points of view, and credible evidence and research than that of the establishment in Washington at the CDC, NIH, FDA and WHO.

Too many Americans have succumbed to the idea that whatever the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says, it must be true and infallible. They forget the incredible ingenuity, inventiveness and discoveries that have always bubbled up from great minds outside of government. Galileo was not a government-paid astronomer. Louis Pasteur was not a government chemist. Thomas Edison was not a government inventor.

But as the adjoining letters attest, they see and hear the mainstream media narrative that no one is credible except the establishment elites.

We’ve said it before: We are in a civil war with many raging fronts — the progressive, Marxist takeover of America; the cancel culture against free speech and religion; critical race theory in schools; and the war on COVID-19.

The war on COVID-19 is much more than fighting the killer virus. It’s a war in which the huge, taxpayer-financed, unaccountable public health bureaucracies — CDC, NIH, FDA, WHO — and Big Pharma companies have unleashed their forces in a way that defines the war like this: The ruling, public-health  elites and Big Pharma are snuffing out the Hippocratic oath, the sacred covenant that has guided doctors for 2,500 years:

First, do no harm. Prescribe only beneficial treatments to the best of the doctor’s abilities and judgment.

In other words, let doctors be doctors, not automatons.

How to treat COVID-19 is at the crux of this clash.

The doctors we quoted last week are among thousands of doctors and other health care providers all over the world who have been saving lives, preventing hospitalizations and curing COVID-19 patients with early treatment protocols.

But the public health agencies, Big Pharma, hospital corporations and national media outlets refuse to accept and acknowledge the effectiveness of these treatments, the legitimate data that supports their effectiveness and the doctors pioneering these treatments. (See and “The Complete Guide to the Care of the COVID-19 Patient,”

Earlier this week, Dr. Paul Marik, the most published critical care doctor in medicine, developer of early treatment protocols for COVID-19 and disparaged in one of our letters, sued his hospital for preventing him from prescribing life-saving drugs for his COVID-19 patients. (See

And there is this: As we noted last week, the war on how to treat COVID-19 is spreading rapidly to the controversy of vaccinating children.

In California, Jeff Hanson, a real estate investor with three children under age 17, and four others have organized more than 60 grassroots parents, civic and religious organizations — thousands of Californians — in a statewide movement determined to stop Gov. Gavin Newsom’s plan to impose a vaccine mandate on K-12 students. (See

These Californians are not “fringe.” They are mainstream Americans protesting the authoritarianism being forced on their children. The Unity Project’s values state: “We stand for parents’ freedom of choice in our kids’ health care. … We stand against forcing children as young as 5 years old to effectively become human shields, assuming vaccine-injury risk.”

These parents — and millions of parents in Florida and elsewhere — want what medicine has practiced for 2,500 years: to count on the doctor-patient relationship, not an unaccountable medical tyrant and the elitist bureaucracies.





Matt Walsh

Matt Walsh is the CEO and founder of Observer Media Group.

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