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Longboat Key Cops Corner: Bad behavior

Police reports from around Longboat Key.

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  • | 8:36 p.m. March 8, 2021
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Feb. 26

Play time

10:34 a.m., 4700 block of GMD

Abandoned 911 call: Officer was dispatched to a resort for an abandoned 911 call. Prior to arrival, the front desk employee advised the child of one of the hotel guests was playing with the phone and did not need emergency services.

In the clear

11:54 a.m., 600 block of Broadway

Parking: An anonymous caller complained about illegal parking on the street. The officer found only one car parked on the block, and it had a parking permit.

Jump off a bridge

12:12 p.m., 6800 block of Pine Street

Juvenile problem: A caller said three males and a female were jumping off the Longboat Pass Bridge into the water and walked toward Greer Island. The officer searched the beach access area but was unable to locate the teens.

Stinky situation

2:23 p.m., 700 block of Russel Street

Citizen assist: A man called police after having a backup in his sewage pipes. He said he hired a plumbing company to check the cause of the backup, and it discovered the pipes were damaged in the area where the town was digging with heavy machinery for the project to bury utilities. The man said both of his bathrooms were out of service. The office contacted Public Works for assistance.

Red means stop

7:38 p.m., Key Club Road and GMD

Traffic: An officer observed a vehicle run the red light turning left. After stopping the vehicle, the officer found the driver’s registration had expired. The driver was given a verbal warning for the stop light violation and a citation for an expired tag.

Keep it down

9:21 p.m., Longboat Drive North

Noise: A caller complained of a large party at a house in the area. The officer checked the length of the street but did not hear any loud party. The officer noted a group of people on their porch talking but it did not reach the level of a violation. The officer notified them of the complaint and requested that they keep any music or talking to a reasonable level.

Feb. 27

Marco! Polo!

3:05 a.m., unknown

Citizen dispute: Two officers responded to a call of several people refusing to leave the pool area. When they arrived, the subjects were no longer present.

Gate crasher

10:28 a.m., 600 Bay Isles Parkway

Traffic crash: Officer responded to a call of a crash involving a bicyclist. Upon arrival, the officer noted that the cyclist was being assessed by paramedics for head trauma. He had abrasions on his head, both hands, knees and could not recall his phone number. A witnesses on the scene said he was driving behind the bicyclist at the vehicle exit gates when he struck the right gate. It was unknown if a medical condition caused the cyclist to crash into the gate; he was transported to the hospital.

Beach party

2:56 p.m., 2900 Gulf of Mexico Drive

Noise: Police responded to a call about noise coming from a group of six people playing loud music at the beach. The officer did not hear loud music from the beach access but made contact with the group and asked them to keep the volume to a reasonable level.

Boys behaving badly

3:37 p.m., 5500 block of GMD

Dispute: A man called police after confronting another man for walking his dogs off leash. The man said when he told the other man his dogs needed to be on a leash, he became belligerent and started to taunt him and his wife as they walked through the park. The man with the dogs had left the park, but returned when he saw police. He admitted he did have his dogs off the leash, and the officer noted the smell of alcohol on his breath. The officer said the man was speaking loudly and using profanity. When the officer told him he would receive a verbal warning for not having his dogs on a leash, he asked if he was free to go. The officer spoke with the man’s girlfriend, who said she would be driving and had not been drinking. There was also a friend with the man, who refused to leave with him and continued to taunt the complainant and video the encounter. He refused to provide identification and taunted the officers on scene. Once the complainant left, the man left as well.

Timing is everything

10:25 p.m., Longboat Club Drive

Traffic: A caller reported a traffic light was not cycling to let vehicle traffic turn left onto Gulf of Mexico Drive. The officer noted the light was working properly upon his arrival.

Party’s over

11:22 p.m., 4700 block of GMD

Noise: The security guard of a hotel called when a group of females refused to leave the pool area, which closed at 11 p.m. The worker said the hotel had already received three complaints about the noise. The officer spoke with the ladies and advised them of the complaint and that the pool area was closed. They apologized and said they would gather their things and leave.

Feb. 28

Blocked view

12:48 p.m., 4000 block of GMD

Dispute: An officer responded to a woman who was upset that people had set up their beach furniture in front of the chairs she had set up on the beach in front of her home. The woman said she didn’t want people setting up their belongings, including a shade tent, in front of her house. The officer said they were allowed to set up on the beach. The woman asked for the town manager’s information to discuss parking at the park across the street to discourage beachgoers from using the beach access.

Trick dog

1:19 p.m., Quick Point beach

Dog on Beach: Officer responded to a report of a dog on the beach and spoke with the woman who owned the dog, who said it was a service dog. The officer asked her two approved questions to determine if the dog qualified as a service animal. The woman said she had PTSD and did not consider it a disability, and she was unable to list any task the dog is able to perform to assist her. The officer noticed the smell of alcohol, and asked her if she was drinking. She responded that she was drinking wine. She was informed that no alcohol is allowed on the beach and asked to leave.

March 1

Unwelcome sight

3:09 p.m., 500 block of Bay Isles Parkway

Suspicious vehicle: Police were dispatched to a parking lot in reference to a caller who said there was a man driving through the lot pleasuring himself. Officers searched the area for the described vehicle but did not find it.

Not this time

5:12 p.m., 400 block of GMD

Fraud: A woman called police after she received an email from Amazon about a TV being purchased and delivered to an address in Delaware. She said she made no purchase and had not given her information to anyone. The woman said a man named Carlos was supposed to caller her later to talk further, to which she replied she will give him the police department’s number to call. The woman said she did not lose any money this time. She just wanted to make a report.

March 2

Follow the footprints

11:39 a.m., 3000 block of GMD

Property damage: A condo called police stating someone had walked through recently poured cement that had been coned off. The damage was estimated at $1,200. A maintenance worker told police he noticed white footprints leading to a unit where construction work was being done. A man working in the unit said he accidentally walked on the cement earlier when he thought it was dry. The unit owner said he would contact the condo association and work out the damage.

No notice

2:19 p.m., 5300 block of GMD

Dispute: A tenant of a plaza called when he discovered the landlord had changed the locks on his business during the night without warning or an eviction notice. The man said he had fallen behind on rent due to the pandemic. He said he had discussed his situation with the landlord, and was told he had a potential buyer for the business from up north, but the deal fell through. The man said the landlord told him he was allowed to retrieve the phones from his business, but all other property was his by seizure. He said he would contact the landlord to try to resolve the matter.






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