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Longboat Key Cops Corner: Mind if we play through?

Police reports from around the island.

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  • | 9:00 a.m. January 6, 2020
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Dec. 21

Playing through

12:06 a.m., 6000 block of Poinsettia Avenue

Suspicious vehicle: Police patrolled through the neighborhood surrounding Poinsettia Avenue following reports of a golf cart on the street running through stop signs in the area. Though the vehicle wasn’t spotted, an officer on the call noted he had seen a similar vehicle, also occupied by two men or boys, near North Shore Road.

Coming loose

2:44 a.m., 500 block of Bay Isles Parkway

Traffic: The driver of a vehicle pulling a trailer was stopped and told about the trailer’s obscured license plate. While talking to the driver, the officer also alerted him to a loose strap on the trailer.

We’ll fix it

9:08 a.m., 1000 block of Bogey Lane

Public service: An officer was sent to a home in response to a large water leak in the yard. A check of the water’s chlorine level indicated it was a town water pipe that had failed and was leaking. Arrangements were made for town workers to make repairs.

One of those things

10:17 a.m., 3300 block of Bayou Sound

Alarm: A home’s alarm indicated an intruder at the garage door, and police were summoned. The home was checked, and all doors were secure. A neighbor reported seeing the resident leave earlier and no one was home.

Luxurious collision

3:12 p.m., 500 block of Bay Isles Parkway

Traffic: A crash report was filed following the parking lot collision of a Lexus and Mercedes. The responding officer determined both vehicles were backing out of parking spots directly opposite each other when the Lexus’ rear and the left front of the Mercedes came together. There were no injuries or charges filed.

16 minutes late

11:16 p.m., 100 block of Broadway Street

Parking: An out of town vehicle was ticketed for parking after hours near the beach access.

29 minutes late

11:29 p.m., 800 block of Broadway Street

Parking: An out of town vehicle was ticked for parking after hours. Signs are posted throughout Longbeach Village that parking in prohibited between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m.

Dec. 22

Presence for presents

1:20 p.m., police headquarters

Public service: An officer was called to the lobby of the Longboat Key Police Department to meet a resident who arrived on a Sunday to make a toy donation to the town’s Toys for Tots drive.

No problem here

8:19 p.m., near Longboat Pass Bridge

Fire standby: Police were called in conjunction with the town’s Fire-Rescue following a report of wires down. After locating the pole in the report, first-responders determined the wires were fine. Fire-Rescue personnel relayed the positive information to Florida Power & Light.

Alarming weather

8:20 p.m., 5800 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive

Alarm: Stormy weather in the area might have played a role in the activation of a home security alarm. An officer sent to check on the home found everything secure and theorized weather might have prompted the alarm to activate.

Dec. 23

There’s a pattern here

1:42 a.m., 3400 block of Fair Oaks Lane

Alarm: Police and Fire-Rescue units responded to the same home three times over a six hour time frame following activation of the homes fire alarm system. Each time, Fire-Rescue determined the alarms were false.

Turning a corner

8:19 a.m., 1000 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive

Suspicious circumstance: A resident out of bicycle ride called police to report seeing a truck make a turn from the island’s main highway, possibly clipping a tree and its Christmas decorations. An officer check all the entrances to the residential neighborhood and found no evidence of damage to trees or decorations.

Passing along a message

10 a.m., 700 block of Dream Island Road

Alarm: Following a report of an activated residential alarm, a police officer checked the exterior of the home and found no signs of forced entry or foul play. A neighbor spoke to the officer and contacted the out of town homeowner to relay word that all appeared in good order with the property.

We’re all good

10:23 a.m., 5100 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive

Abandoned 911 call: A resort manager said either a fax machine or an employee accidentally placed a 911 call, resulting in an officer’s visit to the property. The manager said everything at the business was in good order and no emergency existed.

Checking it out

10:40 a.m., 3400 Fair Oaks Lane

Alarm: A day after receiving multiple false fire alarms, the Fire-Rescue department sought assistance from police for a walk through of the residence to ensure nothing was wrong. The officer continued to assist Fire-Rescue until no further police help was needed.

South for the winter

12:46 p.m., 2400 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive

Traffic complaint: A caller alerted police to the presence of a vehicle-transport carrier unloading in the area. By the time an officer arrived, and following a subsequent drive to the south end of the island, the truck was not found.

Having a look around

10:08 p.m., 6000 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive

Security check: While performing business checks, and officer encountered a door standing open. A check of the room’s interior revealed nothing apparently out of place. Access further into the business was not possible. A key holder was notified to come and secure the property. In doing so, the keyholder said nothing seemed wrong.

Dec. 24

Bad parking

12:15 a.m., 500 block of Broadway Street

Parking: A rental car was ticketed for parking in an area in which parking is prohibited between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m.

Looking into things

12:53 a.m., 500 block of Bay Isles Parkway

Alarm: A commercial building’s alarm resulted in a call to police, who came to the business and found a door unlocked. Two officers went inside and cleared the building, finding nothing out of place and no one inside. A keyholder was called and came to lock up the door.

Out of place

9:21 a.m., 600 block of Dream Island Road

Boating call: The owner of a sailboat tied up to the wrong dock told police the vessel’s captain did so by accident and that it would be moved as soon as possible.


9:32 p.m., 400 block of North Shore Road

Disturbance: An officer responded to a noise complaint and arrived to find a quiet, dark residence. No one answered a ring at the bell.

Dec. 25

Coming inside

2:04 a.m., 4400 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive

Alarm/rescue: Police were called to help Fire-Rescue gain access to a residence from which several alarms for assistance were received. Police were on the scene as Fire-Rescue personnel forced their way into the residences, finding a patient complaining of an injury after a fall.

Memories (minus the flashing lights)

2:08 p.m., 1600 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive

Trespassing: While on patrol, an officer spotted a car parked in front of the site of the former Colony Beach & Tennis Resort, along with three people inside the fence. The trio said they had formerly stayed at the defunct resort and wanted to see the property again. They were told they were trespassing.

Driving while sightseeing

4:37 p.m., 2500 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive

Traffic: Police received a call regarding a driver heading south unable to maintain a lane. Town police responded but also alerted Sarasota Police in case the local officer couldn’t catch up before the vehicle left the island. Sarasota Police determined the driver was not impaired by sightseeing and not paying attention.


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