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SMA teacher joins global program

Todd Brown named as a UN Sustainability Development Goals teacher.

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  • | 2:30 a.m. February 7, 2019
Todd Brown runs a Project Earth and an Infection Outbreak program at SMA.
Todd Brown runs a Project Earth and an Infection Outbreak program at SMA.
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Todd Brown couldn’t believe the email announcing he had been selected as one of 100 ambassadors worldwide with the United Nations'  TeachSDG (Sustainability Development Goals) program.

Brown, who teaches civics at Sarasota Military Academy, was nominated and named for the honor in December. Recently, Brown was awarded the “Ignite Innovation” award from the Education Foundation of Sarasota.

Brown said he thinks one of the reasons he was nominated for the award is the Outbreak! event he organizes for the eighth-graders each year, in which a global pandemic is simulated.

Tom Vara, SMA's head of school, said there’s something special about the way Brown teaches.

“Todd has always been someone who is very creative,” Vara said. “What he has always done for our cadets, he has brought the world into his classroom. He engages the cadets and makes a long-lasting effect on them.”

His work as a sustainability development goals ambassador means Brown will incorporate even more global perspectives into his curriculum. He will attend speaking events throughout 2019, working with other TeachSDG ambassadors. 

"Todd’s name has gone national and global, people have taken notice. He is someone that has a great handle on education," Vara said. 

Brown said he is looking forward to what this next year will bring, which could bring notoriety for the school. 

"We're implementing larger than life environmental issues, clean water, stuff like that, and really mesh it into the curriculum," said Brown. "We're trying to get students to become agents of change and think bigger than themselves."

Brown's own success and awards are something he doesn't really seem to acknowledge.

"I wouldn't be anywhere without my administrators telling me I could do it and without the staff's support of me," said Brown. 


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