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  • | 2:45 p.m. April 29, 2019
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The Lakewood Ranch, East Bradenton, Parrish area is bursting with gorgeous brand-new model homes, which are impeccably staged to sway the public to buy new. Real Estate Agents often take prospective home buyers through professionally decorated model homes as part of the process - to offer them the opportunity to purchase or build from scratch. Truth be told, the staging and artwork in these models are often what sells the home. For that very reason, it important the home you are selling is able to compete with these beautifully appointed models that can be so enticing.

Christina Cook Lee is a local artist and real estate photographer we work with, who may be just the person you should consult with before placing your home on the market.

In Christina’s words, “Something I see very frequently as an artist and real estate photographer, is homes that have nice furniture, but accessories and wall changings that are much too focused on the taste of the seller-such as walls devoted to family photos, memorabilia or themes that may have been current a few years ago-but are not trending anywhere at the moment.” 

If you don’t plan to do a full staging of your home in order to sell it, at least make the decision to invest in the most important things. We always recommend new toss pillows for the living areas, updating bedding and towels for the bathrooms. Christina suggests sellers take it a step further by adding 7-10 large, trending pieces of artwork to give the house they are selling a complete facelift. Just imagine the difference these adjustments can make.

And now you might be thinking, “But purchasing 7-10 principle pieces of art could set me back several thousand dollars”....well, maybe not, if the art is rented. Renting art may not sound like an idea you have ever considered, but it could be the most important investment you make in prepping your house for sale.

No doubt, the house you’re selling is considerably different from the next house you’ll be living in. Maybe you don’t even know if you want to take your current look with you. All the better reason to rent art that will cause your house to stand out on the market-sell quicker, for more-and then set you free to start fresh. 

Art is not only an attractive element in prepping a home to sell, but it can be a problem solver. Christina adds, “The right art can show a buyer how that wall color they might not have personally chosen can actually work.”

Homes with great big walls and high ceilings, can cause average sized art to literally get lost. Christina Cook Lee is able to provide art of any size and if necessary, will custom paint pieces for those unusual situations where nothing but custom will do.

If you need help getting your house ready for the market, rest assured, we can help. Prepping your house to sell is something we specialize in. Give us a call and we will set up a time to personally assess your situation. We’d like the opportunity to discuss how we can get the house you’re selling ready to compete with the models right away. Check out examples of Christina’s art at:

Contact Tina and Jimmy for all your real estate needs. Utilizing our modified commission program, your home will sell in a timely manner with the best financial results. We have saved our clients tens of thousands of dollars in commission and closing costs!

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