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A deeper look at Sarasota's red tide outbreak: What do we really know?

As effects from the recent bloom fade, we ask: What do we really know about red tide?

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  • | 11:43 a.m. April 4, 2019
  • Sarasota
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In the first installment of a two-part series, The Observer is examining the underlying causes that shape an algae bloom, clarifying some of the most pressing questions surrounding the topic and measuring the severity of the most recent outbreak.

A variety of factors fueled the 2018 outbreak and Sarasota’s reaction to it

The region’s  the all-hands-on-deck response spoke to the bloom’s intensity and duration, which stakeholders throughout Sarasota described as tangibly different than earlier red tide events. READ THE STORY

Red tide life cycle runs through  four stages

While much research still needs to be done on the life cycle of red tide blooms, representatives from Mote Marine Laboratory and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission share the science behind them. We explain the life cycle of a bloom, through its four known stages: initiation, growth, maintenance and termination. Also, we present some of the factors that can contribute to red tide blooms. READ THE STORY

Red tide myths vs. facts

Questions like, 'Did Lake Okeechobee cause this red tide bloom?' and 'Can I go swimming during a red tide?' are answered. READ THE STORY

Next week: A desire to meaningfully address the issues associated with red tide has led to increased investment in scientific research, deliberation about how government can best assist in the fight and the creation of new activist groups demanding swift action— all of which are the subject of the second part of The Observer’s series on red tide, coming April 11.


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