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U.S. House District 17 Bill Atkins

Atkins is running in the GOP primary.

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  • | 1:00 p.m. August 3, 2018
Bill Atkins
Bill Atkins
  • Sarasota
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When you think of your political philosophy, to which philosophy do you align yourself more: that “the common good,” or collective society takes precedence over and is superior to the individual and his/her rights, or that the individual and his/her rights take precedence and are superior to “the common good, or the collective?

In general, the individual's right should prevail. There might be rare times when the common good could be considered.

Social Security and Medicare are government-sanctioned Ponzi schemes that will need more money to continue paying benefits to the 78 million retiring baby boomers. What legislation would you propose to continue funding these programs at current levels — higher payroll taxes? Higher income taxes? Less defense spending? Raise the retirement age for both?

Social Security should not be paid to any aliens, legal or not. Same with Medicare.Take the Social Security back out of the
general revenue and repay what was stolen. Then again, only those that have earned it, should collect benefits. No more tax increases.

Should Congress appropriate the funds required to build President Donald Trump’s border wall? Yes or no.

Yes on the wall, and build it high.

How would you vote on legislation to create a single-payer, taxpayer-funded, government-controlled medical system that provides all U.S. citizens with medically necessary and hospital physician services? For or against?

We have seen that Obama care does not work. Would not have government controlled medical care.

What is your position on the Second Amendment, and what, if any, new gun laws will you propose if elected?

The Second Amendment might be the first, it is the only thing that we have to protect the rest of the Constitution should our Government get out of control. Leave the Guns Alone! No new restrictions. We have enough if they were just enforced.


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