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Paging potential authors in Lakewood Ranch

Best-selling author begins a 12-part workshop to inspire others to write.

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  • | 10:00 a.m. January 18, 2017
Author D.D. Scott, Sarasota, and Cheri Christiansen, owner of Four Pillars, hold a number of Scott'    s published books during her first writing workshop.
Author D.D. Scott, Sarasota, and Cheri Christiansen, owner of Four Pillars, hold a number of Scott' s published books during her first writing workshop.
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During her career as a teacher, Kathy Kelliher never could follow her desire to write a book because life always got in the way.

Now retired, Parrish’s Kelliher wanted to move forward with her dream to be an author. She just needed some inspiration.

That inspiration came Jan. 12 at Four Pillars in Lakewood Ranch when Kelliher attended a workshop by best-selling author D.D. Scott, who talked about the writing process and eventually getting a work published.

“I always thought to myself that one of these days I would write a book about all the funny stuff students have said in front of me, but I always put it on the back burner,” Kelliher said. “When I heard about D.D. Scott’s workshop, I thought I would finally get the chance to meet someone who could teach me how to write a book. I was so excited.”

Kelliher and 15 other aspiring authors gathered to listen to Scott teach the first of a series of 12 workshops. Throughout the series to come, Sarasota’s Scott will guide attendees through the writing process.

“For me, it’s all about giving them confidence in their own ability to become a best-seller,” Scott said. “If becoming a best-seller is not their goal, but their goal is to get a book on the shelf, I can help them do that, too.”

East County’s Mary LoVasco has attended a number of Scott’s workshops in the past, and said Scott has boosted her confidence and enhanced her writing ability.

“D.D. is someone who inspires and encourages in a way that cradles the writer while also holding the magic for them in complete belief of their writing process with zero judgement,” LoVasco said. “I’m an inspirational writer. I wanted to hear the process of other writers and get some affirmation of how I’m moving along.”

Scott’s choice of Four Pillars for her workshop series was no coincidence.

Leann Spofford, who does the marketing and social media for Four Pillars, has taken a few of Scott’s classes. Scott looked into Four Pillars and thought it was a perfect fit.

“I fell in love with the place,” Scott said. “There’s a great, creative vibe here. I want to share with my listeners a path filled with love and joy, while also having fun along the way. That is what is missing in today’s publishing.”

Likewise, Scott seemed to be the perfect match for the staff at Four Pillars.

Cheri Christiansen, owner of Four Pillars, was thrilled to welcome Scott onboard.

“One of the goals of Four Pillars, before we even opened, was to attract international, best-selling authors,” Christiansen said. “We can share their life and book wisdom with others in a social, connecting way. D.D. Scott embodies romance, life synchronicities and mind, body, spirit.”

Scott has been a four-time Amazon Movers & Shakers list author, ranking as high as No. 2, and an Amazon and Barnes & Noble Top 100 Bestselling Author.



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