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Hospital Board: At Large, Seat 3 — Cheryl Brandi

Cheryl Brandi, a Democrat, will face Republican Susan Tucker in the general election.

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  • | 3:20 a.m. October 21, 2016
Cheryl Brandi is a candidate for the Sarasota County Hospital Board.
Cheryl Brandi is a candidate for the Sarasota County Hospital Board.
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Age: 64

Hometown: Superior, Wis.

Occupation: Actively practicing nurse practitioner, Roskamp Institute Clinic. Retired navy nurse corps commander.

Previous political offices: None


About: Actively practicing nurse practitioner at the Roskamp Institute Clinic. Navy nurse corps veteran with over 23 years of active duty service; retired in 1996 at permanent rank of Commander (05). Completed two overseas tours of duty. Former professor of nursing. Have served as director of nursing and quality management coordinator. Hold Doctorate of Nursing in nursing administration, post-master’s certificate as nurse practitioner, master’s degree in human resource management, Master of Science degree in nursing and Bachelor of Nursing Science degree.

Why do you want to serve on the hospital board?

I have lived in Sarasota part-time since 1997 and full-time since 2005.

Serving on this board would enable me to give back to a community that I love as a non-paid volunteer while capitalizing on my experience and expertise. My diverse background enables me to be the voice for patients and families, clinicians, other health care workers, veterans, researchers, culturally diverse populations and still understand and appreciate issues from an organizational and systems perspective. 

What qualifies you to oversee the fiscal health of the Sarasota Memorial Health Care System?

My vast experience as a clinician as well as upper level administrator and educator, combined with my education and research background, enables me to see issues from many levels. Who is better suited than a clinician and provider of direct services to understand reimbursement and insurance issues? Who is better suited to understand the push from volume-driven to value-based compensation? Who is better able to understand evidence based practice and outcomes, both clinical and system-wide? The board needs individuals tuned into the daily realties of health care who are also able to translate that experience to governance levels. I have that type of experience.

What is your position on how the hospital board should use and manage its taxing authority? Do you have a position on whether the current millage rate should be raised or lowered?

The present hospital board use and management of its taxing authority is fine as it is, and the current millage rate is appropriate.

If elected, what do you believe should be the top priority of the board during your term?

My top priority would be to keep this marvelous institution a community hospital, and prevent privatization.

A proposed hospital in Venice is just one of the ways SMH has attempted to grow over the past few years. Do you favor or oppose pursuing a hospital in Venice? Why?

I definitely favor a hospital in Venice. Anecdotally, through my patient encounters as well as my recent canvassing efforts in Venice, I have learned the Venice citizens want a community hospital in their area. Previous efforts to build one there have not been successful, but the issue needs to be pursued again and again. Our Venice constituents deserve the same quality, safety and service that their north county counterparts receive at Sarasota Memorial. I am amazed how many people living in Venice will sacrifice the time and effort it takes them to get to SMH because of its stellar reputation for care and service.

What is your position on building a hospital in Sarasota County's largest city, North Port?

North Port deserves a hospital, as the fastest growing segment of Sarasota County. Traffic patterns make getting to Sarasota a nightmare for more extensive acute-care needs, especially during season. All county citizens pay taxes for SMH; all are deserving of the same consideration and timely access to care.

What is your position on doing what Venice and other communities have done — selling and privatizing the hospital system and using the proceeds in a community foundation?

I strongly oppose privatization. I have not been able to find good reasons for such a change, and would be suspicious of any motives to pursue privatization except for private gain at citizen expense.  


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