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Burglar falls asleep on Sarasota victim's couch

The Sarasota Police Department charged 29-year-old Timothy Bontrager with burglary of an occupied dwelling for allegedly breaking into a home on the 3400 block of Tallywood Lane.

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  • | 1:13 p.m. May 18, 2015
  • Sarasota
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Sarasota Police arrested a Sarasota man Saturday, who allegedly fell asleep while burglarizing a woman's house south of Kensington Park.

Marta Pittman discovered 29-year-old Timothy Bontrager sleeping on her couch after 7 a.m. in her home on the 3400 block of Tallywood Lane, and soon after discovered her wallet and five personal checks were missing. The suspect apologized and fled after Pittman said she was calling authorities.

Officers discovered Bontrager walking down Beneva Road less than an hour later, and he was arrested following Pittman's identification. Police then found her wallet in a nearby homeless camp.

Bontrager, who was arrested in 2009 for trespassing, is being held in the Sarasota County Jail without bail.


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