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Dear Santa:

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  • | 11:00 p.m. December 25, 2014
  • Sarasota
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Dear Santa,
Imagine me walking out of my room. I open my gift and there’s a ginormes smile on my face. For Christmas, I want a Frozen stuffed doll collection as Kristoff, Elsa, Anna Sven, Hans, and Olaf from Walmart for Christmas. A collection of Frozen stuffed dolls would be excellent for me and
awesome for my family.
Love Stephanie S.

Dear, Santa,
For Christmas I would like a Barbie dream house, the Barbies Chelsea, Stacy, Raqualle, Ryan, and the Barbie camper. I also would like a my generation doll geep, kitchen, bed, camper, and motercycle. I love how you help every body!
Lov, Sidney

Dear Santa,
Thank you for giveing me and my sis presents every Christmas. Santa you are the best!! How are
your Elf’s doing?
Love, Isaac

Derr Santa,
Thank you for my Army suit. And this is what I want for Christmas Santa, new video games and new born puppies and I want to have a picture of you.
Love Gavin

Dear Santa,
Thank you from Last year. What I want for Christma’s a Bumblebee, a Nerf gun, and a
computer and mario
or a Kart.
Love, Erlan

Dear Santa,
Picture this: I’m by the tree with a smile on my face with a new plush monkey in my hand and sitting under the tree with the light on. I want a brown soft monkey plush with blue colored eyes. I want it to have a smile on its face. I want the fur to be fuzzy.
Love, Sienna



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