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Dear Santa:

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  • | 11:00 p.m. December 22, 2014
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“Dear Santa, Hi this is Matthew. I think Iv’e been good because I fight with daniel, my brother but besides that Iv’e been good.

Here are three things I want for Chistmas. I want a playground because I sometimes don’t have a lot to do. Next, I want a anidroid phone so I can chat with friends. Last, I want the Christmas Spirit in everyone.

I hope you have a merry Christmas!

A good kid, Matthew

P.S. I tried writing in cursive”
Matthew Delzer, 9, McNeal Elementary School

“Ummm…Well , hi Santa! I don’t want to be rude or anything but I find it a little bit creepy how you come in night. I would appriciate ringing on the doorbell and coming in. But then again presents wouldn’t be a surprise. Well anyway, moving on Christmas is my favorite holiday and my family makes a big deal about Christmas. We decorate, make cookies, all that fun stuff.

Hey, Santa if your reading this and your wondering why you should come to my house on Christmas? We have…MILK And COOKies!”

Sincely, Michael
–– Michael Williams, 10, McNeal Elementary School

Dear Santa,

I am so sorry that I hurt my brother all of the time I’ll be nicer. Oh and how is the North Pole and the reindeer.

From: Cameron Willis Elementary School

Dear Satna:

I already rote a note to you my teacher told me to. What I would like for christmas is ... my most favriote Killy footsys, La La La loopsy Diaper surprise.

P.S. Bring your swim shorts

Love, Annie Jaco
Willis Elementary School

Dear Santa:
I can’t wait for you to come to town! My house is all ready. I have the Cristmas tree and the stocking up. I am a awesome reader. I did good on my book report. By the way if the door is locked, I have a screen door in the patio. I’ve been really good because I cleaned my room before being told, I gave my mom some flowers, and I am a good listener at school. I will also like some Wii U games. The whole world is lucky to have you.

Love, Lucas

–– Lucas Wingert, 9, McNeal Elementary School

DYR. saNta


— Isabella Onan, 6, B.D. Gullett Elementary School

Dear Santa
What I Want for XMas is a PerPlexis epic A New tacle box and a new bat and I did not Push my brother even though it might of looked liKe that from a distance.

From Landen
— Landen, fifth grade, Imagine School at Lakewood Ranch

Dear Santa,
I have been good because I want a big Stuffed animal horse. I want a big cow.

Santa, I hope you have a day off!

Your friend, Bella
— Bella Barone, 6, B.D. Gullett Elementary School

Dear Santa Claus,
I would like to now how all the elF’s can make all those toy’s for every kid in the world. Is it hard work or Christmas magick.

From: Kyle
— Kyle, Willis Elementary School






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