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Piqued by perq coffee bar

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  • | 3:41 p.m. June 14, 2013
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When I first heard of a new coffee shop opening in Sarasota, I was only mildly interested. After all, how different can a cup of coffee truly be? But when I started to read online posts and reviews from people I know and respect, my interest in perq was definitely piqued. Could the process of brewing coffee really be made unique? What is all the fuss about? Is the coffee at perq truly superior?

In short, perq is at the forefront of the next generation of coffee brewing and consumption. It is different from traditional coffee bars and will change the way you prefer to consume coffee. It is an experience that, once tried, you will repeat again and again---dare I say, it's addicting!

The perq experience

The coffee experience at perq differs from traditional coffee bars in a variety of ways. The first, and perhaps most obvious, is the selection of beans. The team at perq sources artisan-roasted, single-origin coffee beans which provide a variety of flavor profiles. Four small-lot varieties come with details on the coffee flavor palette, the farm and country of origin, and the processing, making "Which bean?" your first decision in the perq experience.The next step in your perq experience is picking your drink, which determines the methodology of the brewing process. Essentially there are a range of espresso, pour-over and press options, which yield various degrees of flavor extraction from the coffee beans. For the ultimate in barista control, perq uses a Slayer espresso machine, often referred to as the "Ferrari of coffee machines." Seem intimidating? Don't be discouraged; the team at perq is very knowledgeable and will guide you through the process. Even though it might sound complicated, it is really easy and a great deal of fun picking your "hand-made” coffee drink.

The third and final step to the perq experience is savoring the moment. Since each coffee is individually crafted, it takes a little time for the coffee to be delivered. This momentary break allows you time to soak in the hip surroundings of wood, chrome, green-colored accents, natural light, abundance of air plants and, of course, the ability to watch your coffee while it is being made. Once you hear your name called, your coffee is ready to be sipped and savored. Enjoy!

Fad or Following?

Usually a great deal of buzz about a new opening means one of two things: The new place is truly buzz-worthy, a great place building a loyal following; or it is a fad---cool at first but not sustainable, usually eclipsed by the "next great thing."

Recent trends in food and dining such as farm-to-table, single-origin and artisan quality all support the concept behind the launch of perq. In fact, perq’s unique experience dovetails nicely into the craft beer, boutique winery, single-malt scotch, local small-batch distillery and beverage interests of foodies and aficionados alike.

With such a singular focus on coffee and its ultimate enjoyment, it would be easy for food to be an afterthought. Such is not the case at perq. Pastries and baked goods are freshly provisioned throughout the day by The Lollicake Queen (the husband runs perq, while the wife and sister-in-law run Lollicake) and lunchtime fare such as sandwiches and salads are provided by The Mozzarella Fella. The food at perq does not take a backseat to the coffee.

Although my first experience at perq was a good one, I must admit I couldn't see myself coming to perq on a regular basis because it just was not convenient for me. That changed the next day when I suggested we go with friends to perq for an afternoon coffee … and the next day when I suggested perq for breakfast. I think you get the picture: Every day is potentially a perq-perfect day.

perq coffee bar

1821 Hillview St.

Sarasota, FL 34239