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Cops Corner

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  • | 4:00 a.m. May 25, 2011
  • Longboat Key
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May 11
Dust in the wind
9:53 a.m
. — 200 bock of Gulf of Mexico Drive (GMD). Civil Disturbance. A resort employee told police that a tree-trimming service was cutting down tree limbs in a parking lot and causing sawdust to cover three cars. The tree trimmers agreed to stop working until the owners were located to move their cars.

Better safe than sorry
11:50 a.m
. — 500 block of Bay Isles Road. Property Damage. A contractor reported that a small gray car might have bumped into his company truck, although he couldn’t find any damage. He wanted to report the incident because it’s a company truck.

Construction work halted
5:09 p.m.
— 600 block of Jungle Queen Way. Code Enforcement. A contractor was told he couldn’t work on a seawall on the island past 5 p.m.

Walk it off
5:41 p.m.
— 100 block of Broadway. Disturbance. A beach project construction worker told police he exchanged punches with a drunken beachgoer who started swinging at him when he was asked to walk around the beach project construction zone. The beachgoer agreed to leave.

May 12
Going ‘bong-kers’
10:27 a.m.
— 600 block of Yardarm Lane. Noise Disturbance. A woman reported that a barge docked directly south of a house was making a loud “bonging” noise that bothered her. The Code Enforcement Department promised to look into the matter.

May 13
Abandonment issues
12:51 a.m.
— Intersection of GMD and Cutter Lane. Suspicious Person. Someone reported a woman walking down the road and trying to flag down motorists. The woman told police she got into an argument with her boyfriend and was looking for someone to take her home after he left her on the Key. Police transported her to Sarasota at her request.

Saving it for later
9:34 a.m.
— 3000 block of Bayou Sound. Highway Obstruction. A cubic yard of sand was placed on the road for a paving project. A work crew promised to remove the sand as soon as possible.

Parking issues
10:08 a.m.
— 2500 block of GMD. Code Enforcement. A man told police sailboats were being placed on the beach after hours. A maintenance man agreed to place the boats closer to the beach club building after hours.

Free advertising pulled
4:57 p.m.
— 100 block of GMD. Code Enforcement. Police found a few hand-written signs for an appliance repair company posted in the Gulf of Mexico Drive right of way. Police confiscated the signs and called the owner to come pick them up.

May 14
Shopping snatch
9:44 a.m.
— 2000 block of GMD. Stolen Property. A woman reported that someone  must have stolen her purse while she was shopping on St. Armands Circle. She was advised to cancel all her credit cards.

Gone fishing
11:34 a.m.
— 2800 block of Harbourside Drive. Suspicious Circumstance. A woman told police that someone pulled into a vacant dock slip on their boat and attempted to fish in the area. The man left the area when he was warned he was on private property. The woman also told police that her $350 bicycle was missing from the marina’s bike rack.

3:26 p.m.
— 500 block of Putting Green Lane. Downed Tree. A storm caused a large tree to break near its base and fall in the eastbound lane of Putting Green Lane. The tree knocked out electric, phone and cable lines.

May 15
Driving Ms. Drunky
2:46 a.m.
— 100 block of GMD. Public Drunkenness. A cab driver called police to report that his occupant didn’t have enough money to pay for his ride to Longboat Key. An intoxicated woman told police she was visiting a friend, who paid for the cab ride.

It was a dark and stormy night ...
8:49 a.m.
— 600 block of Ranger Lane. Lost Property. A woman told police that a kayak was missing, and she believes it blew into the canal during a storm the night before.

On the mark
9:27 a.m.
— Off the Key. Boat. While on marine patrol, police noticed a waterway marker was broken.

Boat secured
5:01 p.m.
— 4800 block of GMD. Boat.  A boat washed ashore and was secured on the beach until its owner could be located.

Crab trap missing
7:57 p.m.
— 100 block of GMD. Lost Property. A man told police one of his blue crab traps, which cost $40, was missing.

May 16
Boat must be removed
8:06 a.m.
— 4700 block of GMD. Abandoned Boat. The owner of a boat was told he had five days to remove his derelict sailboat from the area or the police would remove it and destroy it at his expense.

May 17
Dog’s day out
9:01 a.m.
— Intersection of Broadway and Poinsetta Avenue. Animal Found. Police found a small white dog in the Longbeach Village that was wearing a collar with an identification tag. The dog was returned to its owner.

Wallet disappears
12:26 p.m.
— 2300 block of Harbour Oaks Drive. Lost Property. A man told police he drove off with his wallet on top of his car. He retraced his route and couldn’t find the wallet.

May 18
Boater receives citations
12:18 p.m
. — Off the Key. Boat Violation. Police pulled over a boat and issued its owner written warnings for speeding and citations for an expired boat registration and for not having sufficient lifejackets on board.

Improper parking
1:14 p.m.
— 6300 block of GMD. Trespassing. A man called police to report someone parking in his driveway. Two men were located on the beach and admitted to parking in the driveway. The men were warned to only use public beach-access parking in the future.

Photo finish
5:49 p.m.
— 3400 block of GMD.Animal Nuisance. A man called police to report there was a snake under his couch in his living room. Police pulled the couch back and found a 2.5-foot black snake under the couch. The man, who was visiting from the United Kingdom, asked the officer to pose for a picture so he could share the experience with his friends back home. The snake was released in the woods after the photo-op.