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Cops Corner

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  • | 4:00 a.m. May 11, 2011
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April 27
Ex files
11:07 p.m.
— 600 block of Companion Way. Civil Disturbance. A woman told police her ex-boyfriend has been harassing her. Employees at the restaurant she works for notified her he had been there talking about her and bothering a bartender whom he thinks she is dating. The woman plans to file a restraining order.

April 28
That crosses the line
10:44 a.m.
— 4300 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive (GMD). Trespassing. A condominium board member told police that a contractor hired by a neighboring condominium was raking their private beach without permission. The contractor apologized for not respecting the property line.

Damage denied
4:09 p.m.
— 500 block of Schooner Lane. Property Damage. A homeowner told police that he believes a seawall and dock contractor doing work across the street damaged his mailbox and post by mistake. The contractor denied damaging the mailbox.

April 29
Rightful owner
11:01 a.m.
 — 100 block of Broadway. Traffic Violation. A man was pulled over after police determined the car he was driving was stolen. The driver told police he was the owner of the car and that it had been recovered three weeks ago.

Improper identification
12:53 p.m.
— 5600 block of GMD. Traffic Violation. Police informed the owner of a landscaping company that she had the improper tag on a trailer. She promised to correct the problem.

April 30
Looking for validation
12:43 p.m.
— 4000 block of GMD. Traffic Violation. A woman was arrested for driving a car without a valid license. Her learner’s permit expired in 2006.

All wet
2:16 p.m.
— 3100 block of GMD. Code Enforcement. A man was told he couldn’t take his dog on the beach or into the Gulf. The dog’s wet fur was the giveaway.

No valid tags
3:49 p.m.
— 200 block of GMD. Traffic Violation. A man was issued citations and arrested for driving a truck and pulling a trailer without valid tags and without a valid driver’s license.

Shattered glass
5:50 p.m.
— 5700 block of GMD. Property Damage. A woman told police that something shattered a rear window in her vehicle while she was driving. Police couldn’t figure out what type of object shattered the glass.

Sign, sealed, delivered
6:07 p.m.
— 1100 block of GMD. Found Property. A resident turned in a sealed envelope addressed to another Key resident that he found on the side of the road.

May 1
Ax to grind?
9:48 a.m.
— 1600 block of GMD. Vandalism. A man reported that someone caused $750 worth of damage to his Cadillac by swinging an object at it. The incident caused a dent in the car and scraped off some of the paint.
May 2
Explosive incident
12:06 a.m.
— 500 block of Spanish Drive South. Suspicious Circumstance. A loud explosion came from a blown electrical transformer.

Last paycheck
11:32 a.m.
— 6800 block of GMD. Suspicious Person. A suspicious person was reported lurking around Whitney Beach Plaza. He was laid off by the company placing sand on the beach and left the area once he received his final paycheck.

Visitor’s wallet recovered
1:46 p.m.
— 5400 block of GMD. Found Property. A man turned in a black wallet he found on the Key that belonged to a man from Ocala.

Safety first
7:16 p.m.
 — 4300 block of GMD. Boat. Police stood by while someone attempted to cut a cable on a kayak that was attached to a safety ladder on a sea wall in a marina. The cable couldn’t be cut. The kayak was to be removed in the morning.

May 3
Caller has hang-ups
8:44 p.m.
— 500 block of Ranger Lane. Harassment. A woman told police that a man keeps leaving her harassing voicemails, because he’s afraid she might tell his wife that they had been together.

Date night
9:17 p.m.
— 4500 block of GMD. Welfare Check. A woman called police because she was worried about her neighbor, who was out on a first date and wasn’t returning her calls. Police contacted the woman, who said she was fine.

Backpack beachgoers
10:55 p.m.
— 500 block of Bayport Way. Public Service. A woman reported that kids were heading to the beach with luggage. Police found four adults on the beach with a backpack and determined there was no violation.

Under pressure
11:11 p.m.
— 600 block of Jungle Queen Way. Vandalism. A Public Works Department employee reported that someone turned the water back on to a residence after the town shut it off. When the town shut it off again and padlocked it, the water valve was vandalized.

May 4
Permission granted
8:38 a.m.
— 700 block of Jungle Queen Way. Suspicious Person. A man told police someone was lowering a boat into the water at his neighbor’s dock, even though his neighbor was out of town. The boat repairman told police he had permission from the neighbor to finish repairs to the boat.

The welcoming party
7:02 p.m.
— 5700 block of GMD. Suspicious Circumstance. A man told police that while driving through Spanish Main Yacht Club, a man banged his fist on the side of his van as he drove around him in the middle of the road. 


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