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Spoll leads Longboat Key Revitalization Task Force

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  • | 4:00 a.m. March 30, 2011
  • Longboat Key
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It didn’t take former Mayor George Spoll long to determine what his next involvement in town affairs would be.

Although the Longboat Key Town Commission decided not to make the Longboat Key Revitalization Task Force an official committee, it wished Spoll well in the endeavor at its Thursday, March 24 regular workshop.

“This task force is about the revitalization of the amenities we once thought we had and seem to think we lost,” Spoll said. “The job would be to try and solidify some of the potential ideas that might be out there in a broader scope. I visualize changing the north end of the island and making it more interesting than the south end of the island.”

Spoll said he has put together a list of 15 Key residents who he thinks have strong qualifications to be committee members. Spoll declined to name those residents.

“It’s clear we aren’t looking to provide jobs or put new businesses here,” Spoll said. “We are trying to establish many of the amenities we once had.”

Town attorney David Persson warned the commission that the town would blur the line of legality, if the commission sanctioned the task force and then later made decisions on applications that came before the town as a result of the task force’s work.

“I suggest that this organization could function outside the umbrella of government, like PIC (Longboat Key Public Interest Committee),” Persson said.

Spoll had no problem with the suggestion.

“This is more of a booster group where people and citizens can come talk to us without worrying about talking to the town and getting shot down,” Spoll said.

Longboat Key Club and Resort General Manager Michael Welly told the commission he’s excited about the idea.

“Those looking at our island now are younger and looking for something different,” Welly said. “For us not to be on the forefront of that would be foolish.”

Spoll said the task force meetings will most likely begin in April and be held at the Bayfront Park Recreation Center.

“There is an urgency to get this started as soon as possible,” said Spoll. “We could form three focus groups within the task force to focus on ideas for the town’s three shopping centers.”



Former Mayor and Longboat Key Revitalization Task Force Chairman George Spoll is searching for Key residents who may be interested in becoming a task force member.

The goal, according to a task force guideline, is to seek those who have experience in planning, architecture, real estate, finance, engineering and outreach.

Contact Spoll at 383-4818 or [email protected]

Contact Kurt Schultheis at [email protected]


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