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Community Golf

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  • | 4:00 a.m. June 29, 2011
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+ Lakewood Ranch
Teena Humphrey, Connie Thompkins, Dee Romito and Chris Aster scored 127 to win the two best balls of four net event June 14 on King’s Dunes.
Tom Skoda, John Kennedy, Bob Segal and David Russo scored 127 to win the two best balls of four net Men’s event June 15 on King’s Dunes.
Ed Singleton, Mike Dennett, Joe Bornstein and Jim Lapides shot 58 to win the Men’s Lakewood Ranch three-ball event June 18 on King’s Dunes.
Lorraine Rourke, Laura Hammaker, Denise McQuillen and Nancy Carnes scored 133 to win the 1-2-3 on 6-6-6 WGA event June 21 on King’s Dunes.

+ River Club
Jack Bostrom and Jeremy Carter finished +17 to win the two-man quota points MGA event June 15.
Natalie Walters finished +10 to win the quota points LGA event June 18.

+ Rosedale
Rich Defuria, John Meindl and Stan Flaming scored 136 to win the 3-2-1 on 5-4-3 MGA event June 15.
Linda Jones used her Taylor Made No. 7 to record an ace June 16 on the 123-yard No. 4 of Rosedale Golf & Country Club.
Linda Jones, Nancy Foley and Louise Clayton scored 131 to win the one best ball plus one from the box event June 16.
Gary Cole used his Cobra to record an ace June 17 on the 149-yard No. 7 of Rosedale Golf & Country Club.
Angie Brewer scored 35 to win the Beat the Pro nine-hone event June 21.

+ Tara
Donna Rogers, Elaine Leonard and Jeanne Smith scored 122 to win the team two best balls of four WGA event June 14.
Tim Eisenmann, John Kleis and John Belcher scored 185 to win the three best balls of four MGA event June 15.
Nedra Duffy, Tonya Spires and Jean Gladziszewski shot 63 to win the two best balls of three nine-hole event June 16.
Patty Lakner, Betty Rogers, Arlene Sparks and Barbara Loreto scored 94 to win the team two best balls odd, one best ball even WGA event June 21.

University Park
Tom Bauer, Jim Nellis, Jack Gripshover and Imre Hidvegi scored 148 to win the team stableford MGA event June 15.
Cheryl Kleiman, Carole Rivinius, Mickey Seidholz and Judy Whitson scored 45 to win the one best ball odd plus two best balls even minus team net score nine-hole LGA event June 16.
Jean Blazey shot 53 to win the Sweet 16 LGA event June 21.

+ Waterlefe
Patti Piazza shot 38 to win the individual net stableford points Ladies Day event June 21.



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