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IDA to hire firm this week

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  • | 5:00 a.m. February 9, 2011
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LAKEWOOD RANCH — Members of the Lakewood Ranch Inter-District Authority have made their first steps toward hiring a new executive director for Town Hall.

Board members on Feb. 7 heard proposals from two management-consulting companies, including The Mercer Group and Slavin Management Consultants, both based outside Atlanta.

Another firm, Colin Baenziger & Associates, of Wellington, was to present to board members at 9 a.m., Feb. 10, after The East County Observer went to press.

Board members are expected to select a firm during Thursday’s meeting and to begin the search for a new executive director as quickly as possible. Town Hall’s current executive director, Bob Fernandez announced his resignation last month and will finish his last day with the IDA on Feb. 18.

“We are unique,” IDA Chairman Tom Green said of the organization. “We’ve got to find the right person, the right fit (for the job).

“The boiler plate on (these companies) is basically the same,” he said. “The question is, (who do we feel most comfortable with?).”

Proposals from all three companies indicated the process likely would take at least 90 days to complete, starting first with interviews with the board members, Town Hall staff and other representatives of the community, if desired, about what qualities they seek in a replacement. That information, among other requirements and criteria set by the IDA, will be used to develop a candidate profile.

The company then will begin to identify and recruit qualified candidates, evaluate applicants and make recommendations, help in the selection of an employee and facilitate employment.

In proposals sent to the board and in presentations to board members, all three companies said they would tailor their searches to their client’s needs and will work with the IDA and the new hire during the first year to ensure success.

All three companies also will guarantee their work in some way for the first two years of the candidate’s employment. If the candidate leaves the position during that time, the hired company would conduct another search on behalf of the IDA.

Slavin’s proposal states the company will redo the search if the position is vacated for any reason and does not specify any additional costs. Mercer will do the same for the cost of expenses only.

Colin Baenziger’s proposal states it would repeat the search if the executive director leaves for any reason other than “an act of God” during the first year at no charge, and for expenses only during the second year.
Costs for search services for all three proposals are about $20,000.

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