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Cops Corner: Longboat

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  • | 4:00 a.m. August 24, 2011
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Aug. 8
What a waste
1:33 p.m. — 500 block of Birdie Lane.
Missing Property. A resident reported his green plastic Waste Management garbage bin missing.

Aug. 9
The bicycle thief
8:58 a.m. — 500 block of Bay Isles Road.
Larceny from Business. A man reported his bicycle stolen after leaving it at the front of his business the night before because he was caught in a storm.

Aug. 11
That clears that up
10:58 a.m. — 3500 block of Bayou Pointe.
Parking Complaint. Waste Management workers reported that they couldn’t pick up trash because of congestion caused by landscape vehicles. A nearby resident also reported that she had trouble leaving her residence because of landscapers who frequently park and leave material in the roadway. Police told the woman she would have to speak with her association about materials left in the road, which is private, but told the company’s owner that his workers need to keep the area clear for rescue personnel and avoid blocking driveways.

Aug. 12
Lost at sea
8:37 a.m. — 4700 block of GMD.
Lost Property. A man told police that he lost his eyeglasses while swimming on the beach. The man believes he lost the glasses in or near the water.

Towing the line
4:06 p.m. — 5800 block of GMD.
Code Enforcement. Police responded to an anonymous complaint about a Jet Ski pulling inner tubes and leaving a wake within 100 yards of the shoreline. Police informed the owner about an ordinance that requires a vessel to be out 100 yards on the beach to pull tubes that leave a wake.

Aug. 13
Pool protector
8:02 p.m. — 1100 block of GMD.
Disturbance. A security guard told police that three subjects who were violating condominium association rules swore at him and refused to identify themselves or the units in which they were staying. One woman told police that the security guard was disrespectful and that she did not feel the need to provide him with her name or unit number. The woman agreed to take her guests back to her unit for the evening.

Aug. 14
Missing the boat
1:51 p.m. — 600 block of Emerald Harbor Drive.
Missing Property. A man reported his friend’s boat as stolen. The man reported the next day that another friend had the boat and it was not missing.

Making the cut
7:46 p.m. — 3600 block of Fair Oaks Place
. Rescue. Police responded to a report of a woman with a cut on her finger and found the woman standing in a driveway applying pressure to her right index finger. The woman said that she cut her finger on a wire while house-sitting. Police found the woman to be “intoxicated and quite agitated.” Police noticed a wine-bottle opener and large kitchen knife that may have been the source of the cut. The woman became belligerent with paramedics who were treating her injury and pulled her hand away from them as they treated her. She told police that they were no longer permitted on the property and closed the garage door behind her before walking inside.

Aug. 15
Special delivery
6:11 a.m. — 5400 block of GMD.
Code Enforcement. Police made contact with a publication’s district manager after receiving complaints that an off-island weekly paper was being delivered throughout town to non-subscribers. The manager said that she would tell the subcontractor who handles delivery to stop distribution to non-subscribers.

Work in progress
8:35 a.m. — 5600 block of GMD.
Traffic Violation. A woman told police she “was still working on it” when police asked her about replacing the improper tags on her vehicle. Police had already warned her about the tags and told her that the next offense would lead to criminal charges. The woman left her vehicle in a store parking lot while a worker drove her home.

Bridge players: The next generation
6:44 p.m. — New Pass Bridge.
Nuisance Acts. Police responded to a report of several people jumping from New Pass Bridge into the water and found two juveniles on the north side of the bridge and another group walking up the bridge embankment from New Pass, all wearing wet swimsuits. The juveniles admitted to jumping off the bridge and confirmed they would not make the leap again.

Aug. 16
Asleep at the wheel?
7:21 p.m. — 400 block of GMD.
Property Found. Police found a blanket, pillow and rolled-up mat lying on the ground that appeared to have fallen off of someone’s vehicle. The items were taken to the police station for safekeeping.

Mistaken identity
9:16 p.m. — 4400 block of GMD.
Suspicious Person. A woman thought that a family member was knocking on her door but opened it to find a man she didn’t know wearing a bathing suit with no shirt. She told the man she didn’t know him, and he walked away, but several minutes later, she heard a louder knock and a voice saying, “Open the door.” The woman’s husband told the man that he did not know him and watched him walk toward the pool area.

True Longboaters leave the lights out
9:25 p.m. — 2900 block of GMD.
Suspicious Circumstance. A woman told police that a couple cursed at her before leaving the area after the woman warned them against walking on the beach with a flashlight because it could disturb turtle nests. The woman said the man told her that “they were full-time residents of Longboat and they knew the rules.” Police were unable to locate the couple.

Aug. 15
Good call
8:06 p.m. — 500 block of Bay Isles Parkway.
Parking Violation. Police asked a man to move his vehicle, which was parked in a fire lane, and saw signs that the man had been drinking. The man volunteered to call a cab.

Aug. 16
Lost track of time
10:36 p.m. — 3200 block of GMD.
Missing Person. A group became concerned after they were unable to locate a member of their party who had gone for a walk while others were making dinner. Police found the woman sitting near the water of a beach access. The woman said she had gone for a walk and didn’t realize how long she had been gone.

It’s for the turtles
10:41 p.m. — 4400 block of GMD.
Nuisance Acts. A volunteer reported that a couple was walking on the beach with several young children who were using flashlights. The volunteer reported that the family agreed not to use flashlights after she explained to them that they could disturb nesting turtles.

Aug. 17
Safe key-ping
6:38 a.m. — 100 Broadway.
Property Found. Police placed a found set of keys into property for safekeeping.

Suspicious subject
7:54 p.m. — 6400 block of GMD.
Suspicious Person. A woman reported a suspicious person at a bus stop near her home. Police found a man who has a “long history” with the department and “normally has the appearance of a transient.” Police agreed to drive the man to his parents’ Lyons Lane home, where he normally stays.


Feb. 6, 1982
Love bites
3:15 a.m. 6000 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive.
Officer observed and stopped a speeding vehicle. Driver found to be bleeding from severe laceration of the tongue. The bite was inflicted by an unwilling kissing partner.

Nov. 5, 1987
Too much junk in the trunk
2:43 p.m.
Exeter Drive. Golf clubs and suitcase reported missing. Found in trunk of car.



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