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CLASSROOM SPOTLIGHT: Phillippi Shores News Network (WITH VIDEO)

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  • | 4:00 a.m. October 11, 2010
Karianie Vazquez and Meredith Swift
Karianie Vazquez and Meredith Swift
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What really goes on in the Phillippi Shores Elementary newsroom when the cameras are turned off? Why, jokes, laughter and fun, of course! Today, the student anchors gave The Sarasota Observer the scoop on what it's like to be part of the PSNN news crew.

In the video below, the PSNN student anchors tell The Sarasota Observer what they really want to talk about.

Meredith Swift
Describe your first day as an anchor.
It was my first time on PSNN. I was the first anchor of the entire year and I was freaking out. Everyone saying, “You’re not going to do bad,” did not help!

Do you see this a possible future career?
I want to be a switcher and set the scenes for the green screen, which we got this year, one month ago. It’s fun.

Mitchell Stevenson
What’s the best part about being an anchor?
Having everyone’s attention. It’s just like the news on TV — you kind of have to watch it because it’s the only thing drawing your attention in the morning instead of just doing work.

Do you add anything extra into your time on TV?
We’re allowed to incorporate our personal style into the script. Sometimes, we use hand gestures to get attention. I personally like being an anchor because I get to say the birthdays, which is always kind of fun. Last week, we had (a birthday for) “Mas-jan-na.”

Karianie Vazquez
How often are you an anchor?
There are 17 anchors total. There are two every day for a week, so we have to wait six weeks until we are anchors again. I look forward to that.

Do you ever feel like a celebrity around campus?
Kids just walk up and say, "Hi Karianie! I’ve seen you from the news." I feel famous!

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