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  • | 4:00 a.m. July 29, 2010
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+ The battle for truth
Dear Editor:

As a resident of nearby Charlotte County, I also highly respect the work of Dr. Rich Swier for honesty in our school textbooks and his courage in pursuing the changes necessary to make them honest representations of our history and culture.  

I raised children when the textbooks were honest, and thank God that, then, American values and true history were taught.

We also were not into highly graphic, inappropriate sexual education; that was left to parents. The time spent in school was not spent on indoctrination but on education.

I am nearly 75 now and grieve that my grandchildren do not have that same privilege I enjoyed. I also am greatly saddened that some brave warriors, among them parents and men like Rich Swier, must fight to try against great odds to restore truth and essentials in our schoolbooks and curricula.  

It is for that reason that my nephew and his wife in Indiana chose for her to homeschool three children of various ages, no small chore, but giving them a solid base in life. It has proven to be a very good choice; the eldest two enter their teens and exemplify their family’s values and beliefs, are patriotic Americans and good Christians who do not have to defend their flag or their Bibles or beliefs.  

Too many public school children must fight for these things our generation just took for granted!

So, thank you for covering the situation in the Sarasota school system and Dr. Swier’s contributions so fairly and faithfully.  

Please stay in the battle to restore truth to education and expose those who would pervert it for their own incomprehensible aims.

Elaine C. Seavey
Punta Gorda

+ Thanks for the reports
Dear Editor:

Thanks for the editorial on the troubling Sarasota high school textbook. I was one of the many concerned citizens who contacted the Sarasota School Board about “World History: Patterns of Interaction.”

After borrowing the book and studying it for more than a month, I was very concerned about the religious bias, inaccuracies and historical omissions. I was also troubled that capitalism was portrayed negatively in a comparison chart with socialism, which was described positively.

I also appreciated the My View column by Joe Gruters. Your paper is helping to educate citizens on the disastrous consequences of Obama health care on patients, doctors, medical companies and medical research.

J. A. Brady

+ Criticisms answered well
Dear Editor:
Thank you for recognizing that the people who make the difference often incur the ire of those who just accept the status quo.

I know Dr. Rich Swier, and the disparaging characterizations in the press have been well answered by your editorial.

Bruce Zeitlin
Siesta Key


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