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Professional Golf Tips 101

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  • | 5:00 a.m. February 18, 2010
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Professional Golf Tip of the Week: Avoiding the Slice

If you have the tendency to come over the top and cut across the ball, creating a slice, try this simple drill. 

Take out an 8 -iron and put an old club down two inches from the toe of the club you are hitting.  The old club should be pointing at your target.  Start with little swings and try not to hit the club on the downswing.  As you succeed at this, your club head path will square up giving you a better chance to not hit the slice.

Rosedale Director of Instruction and PGA Professional Steve Whidden will be offering a new professional golf tip each week. Be sure to check for next week's tip. 

For more information or for lessons contact Steve Whidden at 756-0004. 



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